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    Essential Employability Skills for Graduates

    This is a flexible course delivered instep-by-step modules.  The aim of the course is to provide universitystudents or new graduates with the basic skills needed to prepare them to beefficient and engaged team members.  A personal profile assessment is completedby each participant before the course starts. The modules can then be completedin full but with reflection of the profile assessments or modules can be chosenfor areas where development is needed.  Completion of the modules buildsup the speed of any induction program and the participants immersion in theirnew roles.

    Module 1

    Me, myself and I 

    • It’s all about me – personal profile questionnaire to ascertain strengths and development areas. (Pre-work with a personalized profile produced)
    • Knowing me, knowing you – Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • What you see is what you get – Understanding of how you are perceived and others see you


    Module 2

    Talk the talk 

    • Making connections – how you communicate with others and its effect
    • All for one and one for all – improving communication skills for team effectiveness
    • You’ve got the power! – Persuading and influencing others

    Module 3

    Walkthe walk 

    • I can hear you – becoming a betterlistener, questioning, giving and receiving feedback

    • Max it out – being more impactful,improving presentations and communicating more effectively

    Graduates, new hires and university students preparing for employment.  

    • Module 1 – Me, myself and I
    • Module 2 – Talk the talk
    • Module 3 – Walk the walk


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