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    Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology | Condensed RILS

    This course is a Condensed Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS) training. 

    This course duration is 6 hours. It encompasses 6 modules of one hour each allowing flexible delivery. This course can be delivered over 3 days with 2 hours daily sessions or over 2 days with 3 hours daily sessions.

    The remote classroom delivery is a modality that takes advantage of the instructor led training content, while allowing the same content to be delivered remotely.  All training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance.

    The principal objective of this course is to summarize the fundamentals of Geology that need to be understood and integrated with Engineering data to effectively and optimally manage petroleum reservoirs.

    The goal is for participants to understand the variety of geologic data that are integrated together to carefully describe the three-dimensional geometry of a reservoir. Participants will gain an appreciation for the tools and techniques available to for reservoir characterization and how the resulting data are integrated together.

    AgendaModule 1: The business of Geology

    Module 2: Petroleum Systems

    Module 3: Depositional Systems

    Module 4: Structural Geology

    Module 5: Mapping and Correlation

    Module 6: Integration with other disciplines and Geological Modelling

    Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineers who require a fundamental understanding of the role and relation of Geology to their job.

    The business of Geology

    Petroleum Systems

    Depositional Systems

    Structural Geology

    Mapping and Correlation

    Integration with other disciplines and Geological Modelling


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