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    General Sales Skills

    Whether you are selling internally or externally, as a sales professional or as a technical expert, there are certain skills that can be learnt to communicate as effectively as possible. They are all relevant both at work and socially.

    Module 1 – Engagement

    • The importance of Trust – key elements and how to build it (or not!).
    • Needs Satisfaction Process – How to plan for and run a successful sales meeting.
    • Probing techniques (SPIN) – How to ask the right types of questions and why this matters.
    • Active listening – Ensure you have a complete and clear understanding of customer needs.

    Module 2 – Buyer Centre/Profiling and Handling Objections

    • Buying Centre – What is it and why do you need to know.
    • Buyer Profile – The 7 key factors that represent your customer. Each attribute requires consideration.
    • Handling Objections – How to successfully manage objections.

    Module 3 – Pricing and Value

    • Pricing Models – Why and how to use different models as needed.
    • Value – What is it? How to create compelling, specific, quantified value statements.

    Module 4 – Sales Skills Review

    • Opportunity assessment – A summary of the questions you need to answer in order to qualify your opportunities successfully.
    • Practical exercise where students present real opportunities for review and discussion.

    Module 5 – Physical communication skills

    • You have identified what you want to say, and to who. Now you need to communicate this as clearly and effectively as possible.
    • Personal delivery – Practical skills for application in virtual or physical environments.
    • How to structure and deliver your message for maximum impact.

    Those involved in sales. Alternatively those in a role requiring communication with internal/external stakeholders.

    • Plan their best approach to potential customers.

    • Document the customer buying center and associated needs/drivers.

    • Present a compelling, quantified and customer-specific value proposition.

    • Handle objections smoothly.

    • Deliver their message as effectively as possible.

    • Ensure they have a complete assessment of any opportunity.


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