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    High Impact Presentation Skills

    Strong presentation and influencing skills can have a significant impact on achieving business goals. This course will provide participants with a structured set of skills that will enable each to effectively communicate in the business environment and deliver successful business presentations.  This course will also aim to improve their persuasion and influencing skills, as well as identify opportunities for personal development. 

    Over half of the course will be dedicated to realistic exercises with coaching, practice, and feedback provided to further develop skills and build confidence

      Day 1

      Presentation Planning and Preparation

      • Understanding communication
      • How to plan a presentation
      • How to prepare for a presentation

      Participants will be introduced to the principles of effective communication and communication barriers. They will learn to use those principles to understand the importance of planning and preparing for a presentation. The planning concepts and methodologies learned on this day will include the 4-Step Presentation Process, setting the presentation objective, how to use storyboarding, and creating a planning checklist. After the planning activity, participants will work on their preparation skills to include prioritizing content, sequencing the message, usage of words and pictures, anticipating audience questions, and creating a preparation checklist. Planning and preparation activities will be included.

        Day 2

        Presentation Practice

        • The importance of practice
        • How to handle questions
        • How to manage the presentation

        On the second day participants will be provided with specific guidance on practicing a presentation and how to handle nervousness.  They will learn how to effectively use voice control, attention grabbers, visual aids, and body language, as well as how to manage time and constructive feedback. Activities for this day will include two practice and presentation revising sessions.

          Day 3

          Presentation Delivery

          • Keys to delivering a presentation
          • Common problems and solutions
          • Class presentation and feedback

          The last day will have participants deliver a presentation they developed in the first two days of the course. Constructive feedback from both instructors and fellow participants will be incorporated into lessons learned in order to identify opportunities for personal development. 

          Managers and professionals who want to improve their business presentation skills.

          Participants will be expected to bring a laptop with MS PowerPoint installed for their presentations.

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