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IWCF Surface Well Control Certification (Supervisors) Level 3&4

This course has been designed to fulfill the requirements for the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Surface Well Control Qualification.  

This course is directed at people in well control critical positions.  Candidates are required to complete the IWFC accredited training course prior to the sitting assessment.  The course content will be taught according to the IWCF syllabus and will prepare candidates for the IWCF examinations and assessment. 

This course will consist of practical assessments using simulator equipment, a principles and procedures (P&P) written examination, and a surface well control equipment written examination.  The IWCF certifications will be valid for two years.

Day 1
  • IWCF Registration, Well control incidents, training and assessment
  • Barrier, and Pressure Concepts
  • Well control definitions and concepts
  • Well barriers and Barrier Management
  • Risk Management
  • Causes of Kicks
Day 2
  • Kick warning signs and kick indicators and shallow gas
  • Concepts of SCRs and MAASP
  • Influx characteristics and behavior
  • Well shut-in procedures and first actions
  • Driller’s method and Wait and Weight method
  • Kill sheets calculations
  • Volumetric Method,
  • Lubricate and Bleed Method,
  • Stripping
Day 3
  • Well control during casing and cementing
  • Well control management
  • Contingency planning
  • Well control equipment – BOPs
  • Associated Well Control Equipment – IBOPs and DPSVs
  • Choke Manifolds and Chokes
  • Auxiliary Equipment
Day 4
  • Simulator practice
  • Q&A and Review any questions related to the theoretical material or homework
Day 5
  • IWCF practical assessment with simulator
Day 6
  • IWCF written exams
Learning activity mix

This course is intended for rig-site personnel in critical well control positions, office based engineers or supervisors who require IWCF certifications and persons who desire a thorough understanding of well control concepts. Level 3 is intended for persons who are equipment operators or persons who have to perform an action to prevent or respond to a well control incident. Level 4 is intended for supervisors who have oversight that can correct actions which are carried out.

Principles and procedures for kick detection and repsonse. Practical actions which are taken following the detection of a kick to return a well to primary well control. 

Participants in the course should be familiar with well control concepts, understand primary (hydrostatic) well control elements and be able to perform basic math calculations.

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