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    Managing Oil and Gas Assets

    This course will provide knowledge and understanding of the tools and techniques used to optimise the selection and maximise the performance and value of oil and gas assets.

    Topics covered will highlight the importance of Governance, People, Process and Technology in the performance management of oil and gas assets and asset teams

    It will cover recognising the need for strategic change and how to develop options to respond to changing business environments. It will include implementation of new strategic directions and managing and monitoring performance.

    Throughout the course there will be team exercises including but not limited to OilSim business simulation challenges

    Day 1

    Strategic choice 

    • Strategy and strategic planning 
    • Oil industry landscape Review of the competitive forces affecting the oil & gas industry
    • Strategic reviews – TECOP, PEST, SWOT and Strategy tables
    • Creating a strategy based upon Competency and Competitive Advantage
    • Three tests for strategies; suitability, feasibility and acceptability.
    • Case study – BG E&P
    • Exercise - TECOP 

    Finance, Petroleum Economics and Strategic choice 

    • Asset Managers, Ops. Managers
    • Understanding the main financial statements Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statements
    • Accounts maintained by Schlumberger
    • Petroleum Economics
    • Fiscal Regimes
    • Economic Hurdles and Thresholds used in Commercial Evaluations
    • Procurement and supply chain
    • Exercise – Royalty/Tax Exercise  

    OilSim Challenge 1

    Day 2

    Uncertainty and Risk  Identifying risk and uncertainty

    • Preparing a risk management plan
    • Integrating the concepts of TECOP
    • Model and assess project schedule, budget and scope risk
    • De-risking projects with a phased approach
    • Risk monetarization
    • Exercise – Simprentis Island Risk Register  

    Portfolio Management  

    • Portfolio management
    • Portfolio optimization
    • Understand the importance of a diversified portfolio
    • Portfolio management strategies employed in different companies
    • Exercise - Portfolio management 


    • General asset governance
    • Front-End Loading and the stage gate process
    • Earned Value Analysis (EVA)
    • Decision Quality Models (DQM)
    • Exercise – Earned Value Analysis EVA 

    OilSim Challenge 2

    Day 3

    Operational Excellence  

    • The principles of operational excellence
    • The Shingo Model
    • Operational excellence toolkit and management system
    • Thirteen elements of Operational Excellence  

    Project Management  

    • The project management triangle
    • Project risk
    • Scope, Budget, and Schedule in Quality projects
    • Risk identification matrix
    • Risk mitigation strategies
    • Desktop exercise  

    Stakeholder management  

    • The importance of partner selection
    • Strategic alliances
    • Managing stakeholders
    • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
    • Case study – Anadarko Mozambique
    • Desktop exercise  

    OilSim Challenge 3  

    • Technology strategy  The importance of Technology strategy in business performance
    • Building and technology strategy  

    OilSim Challenge 4

    Day 4

    Exploration best practice  

    • Exploration workflow
    • Exploration risk and petroleum economics
    • Bidding for license, bonus versus work program bidding, how bids are awarded.
    • Generic exploration strategies
    • Managing a portfolio of exploration prospects  

    Field Development Planning  

    • Reservoir appraisal
    • The key processes in a Field Development Plan
    • Understand the elements that comprise a full and executable FDP
    • Describe how to prepare an asset development strategy  


    • What reserves are and why they are estimated
    • General classification of resources and reserves
    • Unitization
    Day 5

    Facilities design   

    • The role of facilities in the development process
    • Types of facilities which used in upstream oil and gas production
    • Design considerations in selecting downhole and surface equipment
    • Facilities selection and the specification process.
    • Case study – Shell / Equinor Ormen Lange onshore facilities  

    Production operations  

    • Phases of production
    • Production challenges
    • Operations and Maintenance
    • Capital and operating expenses
    • E&P business unit metrics
    • Main concerns in production, water corrosion and scaling.  

    Production optimization  

    • The digital oil field understand the main components of the digital oil field
    • Understand the main roles of the technology in the digital oil field
    • Identify the value creation of the digital oil field
    • Improve and Enhanced Oil Recovery
    • Why and when these strategies are used to improve reservoir performance.
    • Case study – PDO EOR in Oman
    • Asset abandonment
    • Issues and drivers in abandonment
    • Case study – Anadarko Red Hawk

    Asset Managers, Ops. Managers


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