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    Managing Service Contractor Quality: API Q2

    The Course prepares the student to recognize the value of Management Systems, the use of a Qulaity Management System to manage Contractors, and how to participate in the assessment of a Contractor using the API Q2 Management System.

    Day 1
    • Course, Class, and Personal Introductions
    • Macondo: A Failure of Quality Management
      • The Basis for API’s QMS.
      • How was Macondo a Quality Failure?
      • How does a QMS Prevent the Next Macondo?
    • Why have a Management S
      • Apple vs. Oranges: The Operator’s Perspective on Service Contractor Consistency
      • The Evolution of a Management System
    • What is a Management System?
    • How does a Management System Work?
    • Examples and Scenarios in Support of Management System Approach to Contractor Risk Control.
    Day 2
    • API Q2 Specification History & Overview
      • Q2's layout and terminology / definitions / abbreviations, as well as their application
      • Normative references
    • Service Quality Plans
    • The "Process Approach" to Quality Management
    • Quality Objectives
    • Management, Leadership, Accountability & Responsibility
      • The RACI Chart
    • Competency Management & Requirements
      • Competency Vs. Training
      • Blooms Taxonomy
    • Document Control
    Day 3
    • Risk Assessment & Management
    • Service Design
    • Business Continuity, Emergency & Crisis Management
      • Contingency Planning
    • Calibration, Precision, Accuracy
      • Minimum Test Pressure
    • Management of change (MOC)
    • Customer Satisfaction Process
    • KPIs & Critical Success Factors
    • Audits / Assessments / Inspections
      • Internal audits
    • Not Just for Accident Investigations: Corrective Action and Root Cause Analysis
    Day 4
    • The Fundamentals & Principles of Auditing
    • Ethics and Standards of Conduct for Auditors
      • Evidence-Based Approach: Best for Everyone
    • Audit Programs
      • ISO Auditing Program Guidance
      • Pre-Audit/Pre-Inspection Activities / Familiarization
    • Audit Protocols, Inspection Checklists, Assessment Tools
      • How to use API Q2 as an Instrument
      • Use of Document & Record Verification
    • Interviewing Skills Workshop
      • Informal Interviewing vs. Formal Management System Auditing
    Day 5
    • Data Analysis & Findings
    • Reporting & Communication of Findings Across Company Boundaries
    • Remedial Actions and Follow-up
    • API QMS Context Examples and Role Plays.

    Oil & Gas E&P Company Field Supervisory staff.

    • Management systems introduction
    • API Q2 Specification
    • Quality plans
    • Document control
    • Risk Assessment and management
    • Service Design
    • Business Continuity, Emergency and Crisis Management
    • Calibration, Precision and Accuracy
    • Management of Change
    • Success factors and customer satisfaction
    • Audits, assessments and inspections
    • Data analysis and reporting

    Basic field experience and fundamental understanding of the oil & gas sector.

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