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nxtgen G&G Petrel-Studio Fundamentals

Introductory course for nxtgen  as part of the Petrel roll-out. It has contents from Petrel Fundamentals, Petrel Geology, Petrel Geophysics, Studio for Petrel Users, Petrel Shale Fundamentals and Petrel Exploration Geology.

Day 1
  • Getting started: Petrel basics
  • Visualiztion and QC
  • Studio: Overview and concepts
  • Petrel and Studio database
  • data transfers
  • Find your data
Day 2
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Data display in the well section window
  • Log editing
  • Well correlation
Day 3
  • Data preparation
  • Tools for interpretation
  • Fault interpretation
  • Horizon interpretation and QC
Day 4
  • Isochore and Isopach Processing
  • 2D Gridding and Quality Improvement
  • Surface Editing and Operations
  • Log Property Mapping
  • Map-based Volume Calculations
  • Make Simple Grid Process
Day 5
  • Well Planning - Bakken:
  1. Exploration tools
  2. Pad placement
  3. Pad Well design
  4. Well design
  • Additional seismic topics:: Cloudspin
  1. Weismic well tie preparation
  2. Synthetic seismicgram generation
  3. Atttributes and techniques for specific geological environments
  4. Depth convversion
  • Petrel exploration geology
  • Petroleum system quick look 
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