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    OLGA Flow Assurance (5 days RILS)

    The OLGA Flow Assurance (5 days RILS) training is an extended version of the OLGA Fundamentals course to facilitate for a 5 days remote session. The contents are the 4 days RILS version of OLGA Fundamentals and the Lesson 2 about Slugging and liquid surges from Module 3 and Lesson 1 about Pipeline pigging from Module 4 in the Flow Assurance with OLGA training.

    The OLGA Fundamentals course is a foundation level course designed to give petrotechnical staff a broad understanding and practical skills in using the state-of-the-art OLGA software in the most regular production operations.  This particular course is also structured to be delivered remotely, yet still aimed to provide the same learning experience to the participants.

    The participants will first get introduced to the most fundamental background theories and concepts in multiphase flows, the hydraulics and thermal issues commonly known in operations, the basics of Flow Assurance concepts and practices.  Then they will be able to model the production systems and simulate the typical scenarios to predict, prevent, and analyze different and potential challenges being encountered in the day-to-day operations.

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