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    Performance, Coaching, and Counseling

    Leaders attain optimal performance from their employees when performance expectations are clear and adequate coaching is provided. 

    This workshop will provide participants with a number of tools and strategies to foster a positive and respectful environment that will allow optimal performance through sound performance management and coaching.  Specifically, it will aim to build capacity and inspire confidence in the supervisor, enabling them to become capable of implementing a number of performance management (PM) strategies for bringing out the best in their employees. 

    It will also provide information on different performance feedback strategies and address strategies for engaging in authentic dialogue, clear dialogue, and active listening, which are critical components of performance management and effective coaching.  Participants will also be introduced to the GROW and other best-practice coaching models.

    Day 1

    Performance Management (PM)

    • Critical components and cycle
    • PM as a mechanism to foster a respectful and positive working environment
    • Link between accountability for performance expectations and outcomes
    • Effective PM and empowerment
    • Performance expectations through SMART goal setting

    Participants will learn to understand the critical components of performance management and be able to discuss PM as a mechanism for fostering a respectful and positive working environment.  They will learn to identify the link between accountability for performance expectations and outcomes, then they will discuss how effective performance management empowers the supervisor and employees.  Participants will also learn to identify, set, and articulate performance expectations through SMART goal setting.           

    Day 2

    Performance Management  

    • Appropriate performance feedback strategies
    • Applying metrics to assess and measure performance
    • Barriers and contributors to optimal performance
    • Identify solutions to address performance deficiencies
    • Options for recognizing above average performance
    • Counselling performance deficiencies vs. coaching

    Participants will learn to identify appropriate performance feedback strategies, apply metrics to assess and measure performance, and to properly assess barriers and contributors to optimal performance.  They will learn to identify solutions to address performance deficiencies and other options for average performance (performance counseling vs. coaching).  Participants will also go over documenting coaching and performance management discussions in accordance with organizational policies, procedures, and privacy legislation in the Province of Alberta or applicable province where the workshop is being delivered.

    Day 3

    Coaching and Counseling

    • Coaching models and coaching strategies
    • GROW and other PM models
    • Conducting optimal performance discussions and coaching discussions

    Participants will learn how to apply effective coaching strategies using the GROW model in the PM process.  They will also learn how to conduct effective optimal performance discussions and coaching discussions.                

    Day 4

    Coaching and Counseling

    • Corrective action vs. motivating optimal performance
    • Effective peer collaboration
    • Peer to peer coaching strategies

    Participants will learn how to identify corrective action vs. motivating optimal performance.  Participants will also learn how to determine effective peer collaboration and peer coaching strategies as tools for work teams and business units.

    Emerging and front-line leaders or any leader wanting to improve their competency of coaching and performance management.

    Utilizing personal exeriences during the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Improved performance management process
    • Greater transparency and equity in dealing with employees
    • Enhanced productivity and morale
    • Improved capacity to differentiate between coaching for optimal performance and disciplinary/corrective action
    • Capacity to conduct coaching conversations using effective coaching models


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