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Petrel Geology

The Petrel Geology course focuses on a basic 2D geological workflow that teaches how to perform volume calculations with no seismic derived geomodel. The course aims to teach students common basic geological operations in Petrel. This includes working with well data, surfaces and simple volume calculation.


This course is available in the following languages: English - Russian

Day 1

Modules 1, 2 & 3 

  • Find your data
  • Data display in the Well section window
  • Log editing

This session will start by introducing the process of searching and retrieving data from an existing Petrel project or from the Studio database. The participants will also learn how wellbore data is organized and they will practice how to optimally display multiple wells information in a well section window for correlation.

During the second part of this session, the participants will discover and use several log editing options and tools in Petrel. Well logs are one of the essential sources of data for interpretation and accurate decision-making. It is important to perform quality control before log curves are loaded or generated into a project or immediately after.

Day 2

Modules 4, 5 & 6

  • Well correlation
  • Isochore and isopach processing
  • Surface editing and operations

Day 2 will begin with the Well correlation module where, in addition to using regional seismic, checkshots and simple logs, the participantswill learn and apply the methodologies for creating cross sections, performing regional correlation and interpreting the facies in individual wells. Then, they will generate isochore and isopach data leveraging the well correlation and interpretation data produced in the previous modules. Finally, the participants will discover and use the functionalities and algorithms available for creating 2D grids using diverse types of inputs (isochore points, seismic interpretation, polygons, etc.) and postprocessing them to get optimal results.

Day 3

Modules 7, 8 & 9

  • Surface editing and operations
  • Log property mapping
  • Map-based volume calculations

This final session will be dedicated to preparing data for building a 3D grids or performing volume calculations. In addition to learning how to apply surfaces operations and editing, the participants will become familiar with the workflow of creating property maps from well log curve values. Finally, having progressively created all the surfaces, isochores and property maps required, the participants will perform map-based volume calculations, which can be used during prospect assessment.
Learning activity mix

Geoscientists, Geologists, Geophysicists and Engineers interested in 2D workflows using Petrel.

  • Petrel user interface
  • Find your data
  • Data display in the Well Section window
  • Log Editing
  • Well correlation
  • Isochore and Isopach Processing
  • 2D Gridding and Quality Improvement
  • Surface Editing and Operations
  • Log Property Mapping
  • Map-based Volume Calculations

Petrel Fundamentals course or similar Petrel experience.

General knowledge of petroleum geology and geophysics as well as elemental software skills are recommended.

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