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Petrel Uncertainty for Reservoir Engineers

This course builds on the Petrel Reservoir Engineering course and focuses on how to use Petrel for sensitivity and uncertainty studies. This involves how to run the simulations as well as how to use the tools that Petrel offers for results viewing including histograms, tornado plots, spreadsheets, and line vectors.

The course starts off by walking you through some basic concepts of uncertainty and how those are interpreted in Petrel. Next, it will be demonstrated how to run a sensitivity study once the uncertain input parameters are identified. That is, the course guides you through how to set input distributions, how to sample input from those distributions and how to run the resulting simulation cases. 

In the simplest context, Petrel sets up a workflow that allows you to run a sensitivity or uncertainty study in a few clicks. Sometimes, you may want to customize the default workflows to your needs. The course will introduce you to a number of ways to add functionality to the basic workflows to meet your specific needs for defining input or reporting results.

Reservoir Engineers or Geologists and Geophysicists with good prior reservoir engineering knowledge.

Learning activity mix
  • The Uncertainty and optimization process
  • The Workflow editor
  • Basic concepts in statistics
  • How to run and visualize results from a sensitivity or uncertainty study
  • How to customize pre-made workflows in Petrel to your needs

Petrel Reservoir Engineering course or eqivalent Petrel experience.

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