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Pollution Treatment

This Course will present the environmental protection aspects, pollution preventions & the updated ways & procedures of pollution treatment. The attendees make the environmental description, set procedures to prevent any kind of pollution as a proactive approach and decide on the best way & solution to treat any kind of pollution.

Day 1
  • Overview of Pollution
  • Air Emission
  • Liquid & Semi-Liquid Waste
  • Case study-1 “ Monitoring & Measurement
  • Exercise
Day 2
  • Solid Wastes
  • Oil Spill
  • Video
  • Waste Management
  • Exercise
Day 3
  • NORM & NORM Contamination
  • Videos
  • Noise
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Exercises
Day 4
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Environmental Procedures for drilling operations
  • Environmental Procedures for production operations
  • Case study-2 “ Preparing the Environmental Procedures”
  • Exercises
Day 5
  • Environmental/Social Impact Assessment-ESIA
  • Case study-3 “ ESIA guideline”
  • Environmental Management System
  • Case study -4“ Establishing EMS”
  • Exercises
Learning activity mix

Supervisors, Environmental section head, Environmental Engineers, Environmental specialists & any Engineers working in a pollution treatment facilities.

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