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    Transforming Teams Workshop

    Participants will explore their individual role in team transformation with the aim of increasing both personal accountability and team productivity.  It will also address how emerging and current leaders can foster an environment for a more respectful and effective team performance. 

    This workshop will introduce Patrick Lencioni’s High Functioning Teams Concept, including team assessments, where it is deemed appropriate.

    Day 1

    Team Development

    • Strategies to build team trust and accountability
    • Stages of team development
    • Personality type and impact on team performance
    • Strength Finder Profile and Belbin Team Role Preference
    • Delegation for optimal team performance
    • Indicators of type preferences and the benefits of differences
    • Implications of individual preferences on team relationships 

    Participants will practice strategies for building team trust and accountability.  Then, they will discuss the stages of team development as they relate to individual experiences in organizations and work teams.  Participants will learn to identify how elements of personality type can impact team performance.  Next, participants will learn how to describe personal strengths using the Strength Finder Profile and the Belbin Team Role Preference.  Additionally, they will discuss key indicators of type preference, the benefits of the differences for optimal performance, and identify delegation strategies for optimal team performance.                

    Day 2

    Team Effectiveness

    • Causes of poor communication and conflict among team members
    • Strategies that will assist in enhancing a team’s effectiveness and interpersonal relationships
    • Building team effectiveness and goal achievement
    • Optimizing different personal preferences

    Participants will learn to identify the causes of poor communication and conflict among team members based on individual preferences and personality types.  They will discuss the implications of these individual preferences on team relations ships (i.e. subordinate to leader, peer-to-peer) as it relates to their circumstances.  Participants will also learn to identify strategies that will enhance the team’s effectiveness and interpersonal relationships, then they will develop a plan for goal achievement optimization with different personal preferences.  Finally, participants will identify skills for effective delegation in teams.           

    Anyone wanting to develop their capacity in developing more effective teams or to be a better team member.  This course is ideal for emerging front-line and senior leaders who want to build effective teams and improve team relationships, productivity, and morale.

    Utilizing personal exeriences during the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Increased ability to build team trust & synergy
    • Greater  emphasis on productive team conflict
    • Increased productivity and effectiveness individually and as a team
    • Enhanced self and other awareness, sensitivity, respect for other perspectives
    • Enhanced decision-making and problem solving skills
    • Enhanced team accountability and results


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