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Well Placement Fundamentals - RILS

This is a Remote Instructor Led Series training, all training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance.                                              

Each module is of maximum 2 hrs, recommended to cover for most two (2) modules per day.  

The goal of this course will be to introduce the concept of geological well placement (geosteering) and provide the knowledge of the processes and techniques that can be used to successfully place high angle and horizontal wells, using geological and petrophysical data in real-time during drilling.

For this well placement course, on day one through four there will be a theory and concepts review and on the last day will be a practical day using customer's demo model and data.

Day 1
  • Well Placement introduction
  • Directional Drilling fundamentals
Day 2
  • Measurement-While-Drilling fundamentals
  • Logging-While-Drilling fundamentals
Day 3
  • Borehole Image fundamentals and interpretation
  • “Reservoir steering” module introduction (in petrel)
Day 4
  • Pre job workflow
  • GeoSphere Introduction, theory and QC
Day 5
  • Real-time work flow
  • Post job work flow
Learning activity mix

This course is aimed toward members of multi-disciplinary asset teams of operating companies comprising mainly of drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, and geoscientists who need to make decisions regarding the applicability and benefits of implementing a geological well placement process for drilling horizontal and high-angle wellbores.

Introduction to Well Placement



LWD Images 

Pre-job workflow

Real time Workflow

Participants should have either a Geoscience or an Engineering degree.

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