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Remote Learning Options

Remote learning options offer flexibility to learn and acquire necessary skills beyond the traditional classroom. A number of different technologies, alone or in combination with other modalities, enable learning continuity, helping learners to stay productive and avoid delays, while working from home. These options offer learning towards acquiring knowledge and competencies in order to expand necessary skill sets and develop future opportunities - anywhere, anytime.

NExT is committed to helping you stay up-to-date with training and technology, right now, we are rapidly developing new constructive virtual training alternatives, so will soon offer a broader spectrum of remote training options.

Browse through our latest Remote Learning Options, delivered synchronously and asynchronously, below and access the same high quality content, guidance and expert instructors.

Remote Instructor Led Series [RILS]

A Remote Instructor Led Series [RILS] takes our Instructor Led Training [ILT] material and separates it into a series of modules to be delivered remotely. This enables learners to access the same high quality training content normally delivered in a classroom setting, from their own homes or other remote locations. RILS offer a fully online training experience, but do not contain the same high level of interactivity and active learning as VILT courses. Instructors and learners can be non-collocated, enabling training sessions to be conducted entirely online.
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Virtual Instructor Led Training [VILT]

A Virtual Instructor-Led Training [VILT] is real-time online classroom environment, administered by an accredited expert instructor, that allows participants [learners and instructors] to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact and collaborate with other participants, and engage with resources in work groups. Full virtual training experience with a high number of interactive activities. Learners participate in a range of activities such as quizzes, break-out discussion groups, polls and hands on exercises.
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Software VILT or RILS using DELFI

Schlumberger provides the latest in oil and gas software, and understands that technology adoption can be a huge challenge. Through NExT, we provide hands-on remote Software training combining domain and software disciplines, applied to relevant industry challenges using RILS or VILT, via remote DELFI access.
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Members of our local teams are currently contacting our customers to make them aware of our new remote learning options we have created. To be updated on the special options now available, please get in touch using our website contact form.

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