Discipline Health, Safety and Environment
Duration1 Day
Delivery Mechanism Practical Training
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Stepping, Handling, & Lifting Techniques for Oil and Gas Operations Employees

The course has been designed to teach Body Control Techniques that maximize the employee’s stability, strength, and control, to minimize Stepping, Handling, & Lifting injuries. The course is hands-on skills training and incorporates certain aspects of Personal Protective Equipment use and the practice of Observation / Intervention with regard to Stepping, Handling & Lifting activities in an Oilfield environment.


The Techniques are derived from the principles of human factors research, ergonomics, Kinesiology, sports performance research and Martial Arts.

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Topics, In Blended Learning Format:

    • Value of Teamwork to Injury Prevention;
    • Workplace physiology and human-body mechanics;
    • Pre-work Warm Up Exercises;
    • Stepping, Handling & Lifting (SHL) Body Protection Techniques;
    • Classroom practice and application of SHL Techniques;
    • Application of Observation / Intervention and Motivation in the workplace;
    • Hand & Boot Safety Emphasis;
    • Classroom practice in Observation / Intervention on SHL Techniques;
    • Optional Worksite practice in SHL Techniques and Observation / Intervention Techniques.
  • Audience

    Any employee working outside of the office environment can benefit from these Body Control Techniques.

  • Prerequisites

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