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    Explore decision making through the entire upstream value chain.

    Simulation-based training techniques, tools, and strategies can be applied in designing structured learning experiences as well as targeting teamwork competency.

    The OilSim upstream learning simulator takes users through the entire exploration and production business process—from acquiring a block to its development, production, and abandonment. In this innovative and interactive training method, participants are divided into teams and challenge each other to achieve the best results, based on strategy selection and decision-making in a simulated business environment.

    Learning by doing

    Encourages collaboration, participation and problem solving.

    OilSim is built around petrotechnical disciplines and is based on a flexible earth model, instead of just being about business and strategy. It simulates the E&P business environments, with participants taking the roles of oil and gas companies and authorities on the development of an oil and gas field. The pedagogy of this learning cycle is aimed at enabling the process to be mainly led by the participants, rather than the instructor.


    Stages and decision gates of asset life cycle

    OilSim simulator modules address the following business and technical challenges:

    OilSim is an innovative teaching method where the various teams, challenge each other to gain the highest NPV based on their team strategy as well as gaining credibility points which are earned through making accurate decisions throughout each stage of the simulator to solve industry-related challenges.

    • Initial screening
    • Prospecting
    • Exploration
    • Drainage plan
    • Facilities plan
    • Construction
    • Production

    The approach is essentially a problem based learning method that requires participants to successfully undertake a series of challenges. In each challenge, the teams are expected to buy and study scientific data and oil field information, discuss the appropriate decisions to take, submit the decisions to the simulation, and get a result back. In most cases the result depends on the combination of decisions made by all the participating teams.

    Understand the oil and gas business

    Connects the dots – from higher education theory to the business reality.

    Real time linkage


    Participants in interactive activities


    Engages participants in interactive activities, the most effective method of training, creating an enhanced learning experience. Hands-on approach involves attendees so they become participants, not mere listeners or observers. Attendees take on responsible roles, find was to succeed, and develop problem solving tools as a result of the interaction.



    Peer-to-peer learning


    Stimulates peer-to-peer learning reinforcing teamwork and driving superior learning experiences that improve the knowledge retention. Participants learn better from their own experiences than having others' experiences related to them..



    Instruction with companies’ business objectives


    Contextualizes instruction with oil and gas companies’ business objectives that enhances structured learning experiences based on strategy removing the element of danger from the situation. Builds critical skills in a realistic environment. It also covers the entire upstream life cycle, helping attendees see how they ‘fit’ into business.



    Experimentation with different scenarios


    Enables experimentation with different scenarios offering flexibility to replace and amplify real experiences with guided ones. Safe space for failure – learning from the mistakes. Specific ‘company’ activities can be combined to provide additional knowledge of the company as their employer.

    About OilSim simulator

    Taking theory into real life.

    Immersive, innovative and interactive business simulation that allows learners to interact with a realistic version of their work environment.

    Interactive training courses

    Enabled by OilSim upstream learning simulator

    Targeted for both nontechnical and technical E&P professionals seeking a broader knowledge of the upstream value chain, OilSim enabled courses focus on simulating the real-world challenges of the industry.

    The interactive courses also drive team building and networking, learning about functional roles and how they work together to create value, encouraging strategic thinking and developing business knowledge that can be applied back at the place of work. Our audiences have included accountants, geoscientists, human resources, petroleum engineers, school and university students, support staff and teachers.

    50,000 participants instructed in various disciplines

    Bridging industry with academia

    An immersive and collaborative learning experience event, using OilSim, the upstream learning simulator, providing highly relevant industry knowledge and soft skills.


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