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    Placing you at the center

    With a portfolio of over 700 courses, covering the technical and software skills of todays digital E&P professional, we ensure you comprehend and address various industry challenges while enhancing the required skills. .

    NExT offers unique training solutions by combining industry leading E&P software tools and workflows with domain learning, continually incorporating emerging and industry-relevant concepts and technologies to its curricula.

    Up-to-date, immersive and comprehensive curriculum

    Our curriculum, offered at all experience levels, covers the entire breadth and depth of technical and software E&P domain. With digital technologies having made their way into E&P organizations, we have introduced a new digital technology training portfolio, intended for everyone desiring to understand digital technologies, their impact on business and the E&P industry. Our faculty of over 3,000 independent instructors come from a wide variety of technical background and regional experience that allows NExT to bring world class expertise to address your skills and training requirements.

    Operations and maintenance
    Digital technology
    Technical challenges
    Health safety and environment
    We also offer software and workflow training courses using industry leading SLB software applications including Petrel, Techlog, PetroMod, Eclipse, OFM and others.
    SLB software

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    Learning journey that helps you reach your goals – faster!

    In just few simple steps, you can customize your own learning journey in the discipline of your interest based on your immediate, intermediate and transitional goals. Once done, you can save it in NExTpert, the digital learning ecosystem, and track your progress.


    Geology field trips

    Bringing geology insights to the surface

    Geology can be studied in the classroom, but it can be better understood in the field. Learning by doing puts things into their proper scale, context, and perspective. Visiting formations, field operations, and well sites helps you grasp how geological concepts work in the real world. Our expanded-learning modules include integrated interpretation and modeling with interactive training in software applications, including the industry-standard Petrel E&P software platform.

    Industry-leading instruction.
    World-class geology destinations.

    Our field trips deliver powerful learning experiences taught by leaders in their fields—experts with decades of industry and real-world experience. From snorkeling across recent carbonate sediments around Abu Dhabi Island to hiking through the sand-rich system of the Tabernas basin in southern Spain, NExT field trips take you to geology destinations where broader interpretation insights happen.

    Whether you’re a geoscientist, engineer, or part of a team that needs practical experience related to your day-to-day work, NExT has a field trip for you.

    NExT geology field trips broaden your understanding with first-hand experiences in field formations evaluation, log and core analysis, and 3D reservoir modeling. Field trip course topics include

    • Faults and fractures
    • Rift zones
    • Shallow carbonates and evaporates
    • Carbonate platforms and reefs
    • Deltaic fan systems
    • Turbidites
    • Fluvial-deltaic and deep-marine clastics

    Immersive simulation-based learning

    Structured learning experiences


    Explore decision making through the entire upstream value chain.

    The OilSim* upstream learning simulator takes users through the entire exploration and production business process—from acquiring a block to its development, production, and abandonment. In this innovative and interactive training method, participants are divided into teams and challenge each other to achieve the best results, based on strategy selection and decision-making in a simulated business environment. The OilSim platform has been used to train more than 50,000 oil and gas professionals in classes delivered globally.



    Enhance learning experience through “oil” well physical simulator.

    The oil well simulator is a physical simulator that uses water and air in place of oil and gas to demonstrate many operations in a real well. The configuration of the simulator enables visualizing the reservoir, wellbore, flowlines, choke performance, and common artificial lift systems. Additionally, the effect of damage removal, pump speed, gas injection rates, and downhole pressure can be analyzed to create optimization opportunities.

    Experience the simulator in the courses below

    IWCF accredited courses

    NExT offers IWCF accredited well control courses intended for rig-site personnel in critical well control positions, office based engineers or supervisors who require IWCF certifications. These courses are offered at our well-equipped, state-of-the art, global SLB training centers and technical facilities, where participants gain practical, hands-on experiences.

    All our learning solutions are designed based on NExTtrac, our human centric, unique, learning experience design and practice, which ensures delivery of learning outcome for each learner.

    Our learning solution design, structure and expertise


    Understanding the learner goals and organizational objectives

    Learning solution design
    • Quality content
    • Expert facility
    • Industry immersion
    • Operational excellence
    • Learning technology
    Delivery Mechanism
    • Classroom
    • Field trip
    • Practical
    • Field trip
      with software
    • Digital
    • On-the-job
    • Virtual
    • Classroom
      with simulator
    • Instructional
    • Experiential
    • Interactive
    Assessment and reflection
    Optimum client experience and

    Through NExTpert, the digital learning ecosystem, you experience a personalized, systematic, engaging and continued learning experience that allows you to build quantifiable skills and advance your career while tracking and monitoring your progress.


    Expert Network

    The NExT directors of curriculum (DOC), directors of software training (DOST) and Training Managers are responsible for maintaining the superior standards of our course materials and ensuring the high-quality delivery of our training solutions worldwide. With their respective peer review boards, the DOCs and DOSTs continuously evaluate the technical content of our courses to ensure that we are delivering the latest to our clients. The DOCs and DOSTs are responsible for ensuring that our faculty members are not only leaders from a technical viewpoint but are also competent instructors, for example Kenneth Peters, winner of the Alfred Wegener Award, for his outstanding contributions to the scientific and technical advancement of petroleum geoscience, regularly instructs various courses for NExT.


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