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    Multidisciplinary expertise

    The NExT team of technical and software experts is committed to employing the best instructors, producing materials to the highest standard, and ensuring that curricula evolve to embrace the latest industry and technology advances. Our directors of curriculum and software training, with a wide variety of technical and regional experience, are fully up-to-date in their domains, as they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.

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    Director of Curriculum - Geology and Geophysics

    Agnes has 20 years of academic and industry experience. Prior to joining NExT, she worked as a researcher, as a consulting geologist and as a project manager in exploration and production integrated projects. She was involved in projects all over the world: in South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Norway, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, Indonesia, Venezuela and Canada. As an exploration geologist, she worked in virgin basins offshore and onshore, did basin modeling, structural restoration, seismic 

    Samuel Bankole Aderemi cell


    Portfolio Training Manager – Subsurface Modeling

    Alfred is an energy professional with over 15 years experience in petroleum engineering, management, and education. He oversees software training in the subsurface modeling portfolio. Before he was responsible for the delivery of petroleum engineering curriculum to the petrotechnical community. 

    INTERSECT High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator
    ECLIPSE Industry-Reference Reservoir Simulator

    Debbie Williams

    Director of Integrated Training

    Debbie has 25 years of academic and industry experience, obtaining a BSc. Degree in Geology from Liverpool University in the United Kingdom. Her Career started as a mudlogger and moved onto an LWD field engineer, working for National and International Oil companies across the world. Her field operations have given her a solid working knowledge of the full Oil and Gas Industry sector. Since joining NExT in 2012, Debbie has been responsible for creating and delivering numerous programs specifically within the Middle East and Asia regions. Debbie has played a large role in developing programs for International Oil and Gas companies, for structured on-boarding training programs for all new hires, to gain an overall understanding of the Oil and Gas value chain. More recently Debbie has been working with International Oil and Gas companies to create programs for high school students to enable the young minds the opportunity to learn more about the Energy and Sustainability concepts in today’s age, using fun, interactive and engaging STEAM techniques and practices.


    Fabrizio Di Marco

    Digital Curriculum Associate

    Fabrizio Di Marco started his career in 2001 with a focus on High Performance Technical Computing. Serving in sales and presales, he worked closely with the oil & gas and education sectors. His journey led him to Slb where he contributed in areas like sales for Digital Infrastructure, service delivery, and business management. More recently, Fabrizio took on a role with NExT as a business development manager.

    Gary Gunter


    Director of Curriculum Petrophysics

    Gary has over 35 years of industry experience and prior to joining NExT, worked for integrated oil and gas producers as a field development reservoir engineer, conducted special advanced EOR studies as a research engineer, and provided technical leadership for the Amoco petrophysics development program. He has a special interest in wettability, carbonate reservoirs, practical aspects of relative permeability and special core analysis, and the evolving science of unconventional petrophysics. During the past 20 years, he

    Juliane Heiland


    Director of Curriculum Geomechanics

    Juliane has over 15 years industry experience and over 20 years technical experience in geomechanics. She joined SLB in 2001 and worked for 6 years in various roles in the SLB research organization. Her research focused on geomechanics issues related to completions engineering, sand production prediction and perforating. Since 2007 she has applied her geomechanics knowledge to consulting projects in the US, Africa and Europe, first as a principal engineer and later as the manager for

    Khaled Elghanduri


    Director of Curriculum and Software Training - Reservoir Engineering

    Khaled has been with SLB for over 23 years and worked in various positions at worldwide locations. His experience includes working in the field as a wireline engineer in Europe and Africa then moving to Caspian Sea as a senior reservoir engineer supporting formation testing and production logging. In 2008, he moved to

    Khaled Elghanduri


    Director of Curriculum Prod & Compl Eng

    I've been in the oil industry for 31 years. For 20 years, I worked with SLB in various locations globally, like Central Asia, North Africa, Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States. My work involved overseeing projects like Production Optimization, well completion, interventions, and adopting new technologies. I also participated in evaluating assets and improving well productivity in both new and existing oil and gas fields. Additionally, I managed projects.

    Luu Nguyen


    Director of Curriculum and Software Training – Production Engineering

    Luu has over 20 years of experience working in the industry, holding a variety of positions from product development to business development, training and project consulting, both as a principal petroleum engineer and a technical project manager. He possesses a wealth of experience having played an instrumental role in the

    Manuel Bramao


    Director of Curriculum Production Engineering

    With more than 30 years of industry experience, principally with SLB, he has integrated and led multidisciplinary teams in Latin America, Europe, West Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East on production engineering projects related to production optimization and completions. These projects focused on well diagnosis, formation damage, stimulation (matrix treatments and hydraulic fracturing), and sand face completions. He has also been actively involved in production engineering training (designing,

    Maria Eugenia Yanez Banda


    Director of Curriculum Drilling Engineering

    Maria has over 20 years of experience in drilling engineering and field operations in oilfield projects, including full well design and execution of directional, horizontal, ERD, and short radius wells in offshore, onshore, remote and sour environments. She is experienced in developing the drilling component of FDPs and has worked as part of integrated asset evaluation teams.
    Maria is well versed with the business drivers for drilling, having worked in integrated drilling services bidding teams, undertaking the


    Curriculum Associate - Geoscience

    Muriel Koné is the Curriculum Associate for Geoscience. In collaboration with the respective Directors of Curriculum and Portfolio teams, Muriel is responsible for designing training programs and managing the technical content of customized training solutions in the Geoscience discipline. In addition to providing mentoring and training



    Director of Curriculum Business Management

    Paula has over 30 years’ experience as a manager, training instructor and facilitator, 15 of those in the oil and gas industry.  Her specialty is gamification in training and is the business owner for NExT’s upstream business simulation, OilSim. As the Business Management Director of Curriculum, she has developed the curriculum to complement the petrotechnical training we offer and manages over 50 instructors.  The curriculum now includes project management, general business and functional training, leadership and 

    Samuel Bankole Aderemi cell


    Director of Curriculum Health, Safety and Environment

    With 29 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, KC has trained over 1,200 individuals and delivered over 100 QHSE classes. He is well known as an Accredited Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Professional Trainer in the Oil & Gas Industry. KC started his career with Total Oil Company as an Instrument Engineer. He joined SLB in 2000 as a Wireline Instrument Engineer, and later, he moved to the Surface Well Testing segment as a field Engineer. 

    Valmore Rodriguez


    Director of Curriculum Surface Facilities, Operations & Maintenance

    Valmore oversaw all surface facilities and technological projects in PDVSA-Intevep in 1999, this included flow assurance, automation, reliability engineering, process design, facility design, environmental, corrosion, material technology and project engineering. For 3 years from year 2000, he held the position of reliability and maintenance corporate major leader, the highest technical career position in PDVSA, in charge of corporate policies and guideline for reliability engineering. Valmore’s more than 30 years of oil and gas industry

    Yahaya Mohammed


    Portfolio Training Manager – Formation Evaluation

    Yahaya is a geologist with a wide experience in petrophysics, field operations (WL and LWD) support, well log data processing and interpretation as well as geoscience center operations management. He has worked with national and international oil companies as well as local oil companies, from onshore to ultra-deep offshore, in Nigeria’s Niger

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