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    Innovative, relevant and immersive training program solutions and services, customized to meet your specific objectives.

    Theme based training program For clients with specific technical challenges

    Customer outcome

    • Skills development to enable immediate business impact
    • Develops world-class capability for challenges today and future
    • Focused workflow on key industry challenges driving optimum client outcome
    • Synchronizes technical talent—the combination of skills, job capability, and knowledge—with business strategy 
    • Gain from wealth of knowledge, expertise and intellectual property available to NExT, SLB
    • Aligns oil and gas professionals to a required level of autonomy in an accelerated manner.

    Program description

    Specialized training programs addressing key industry challenges

    Increasing global energy demand, at a time when more assets are maturing and declining, is challenging the industry as never before. In response, technology is increasing the ability to discover and access hydrocarbon resources once thought to be inaccessible or unrecoverable. Technology is also enabling mature fields to be a significant source of production for many more years than initially planned. This requires professionals at all levels to acquire fresh skill sets and better understand new technologies and their applications to maximize the opportunities in the current industry climate.

    By combining, expert-led courses, in-class projects customized for your asset challenges, field and lab courses that provide hands-on learning experiences and industry leading software tools, NExT blends a targeted theme based skills-development program that aligns your team's abilities to your strategic objectives.

    NExT offers unique training solutions by combining industry leading E&P software tools and workflows with domain learning, continually incorporating emerging and industry-relevant concepts and technologies to its curricula.

    Theme based general training programs

    NExT builds training programs that start with your strategic business objectives and experience level of the intended participants. From accelerating the understanding of new engineers and geoscientists to transforming an experienced asset teams expertise, NExT designs training focused on delivering learning that develops your team to match your business needs and maximize the return on your training investment.
    NExT blends or combines the best learning approach to achieve the results that you expect. Leveraging a catalog of more than 700 courses, NExT builds a unique program progression including expert-led training, software tools and workflows, hands-on field courses, operations assignments, on-the-job projects, self-learning exercises, and research and technology center tours.

    The programs shown here are just a few examples of general theme based training programs which can easily be customized for specific objective, environment and challenges.

    Flow assurance training program

    The flow assurance training program provides the participants a deep understanding of the Impediment to flow caused by either fluid phase behavior coupled with the dynamics of flow and/or production-chemistry-related issues in the wellbores, well, flow lines and processing facilities. The program includes a combination of theoretical classes with practical exercises and case studies on how to identify, prevent, control and remediate the problems caused by the behavior of the fluids from pore to process. The interaction with software knowledge and its application provides step-by-step instructions to build and run steady state and transient simulation models on flow assurance.

    Description of course progression

    Introduction to flow assurance: Understanding of the major problems associated with the deposition of, asphaltenes, paraffins, emulsion, and scales, hydrates and corrosion

    Multiphase flow: Understanding multiphase theories, flow pattern and how to do pressure drop calculations for multiphase flow, sluggish and transient flow considerations

    PIPESIM fundamentals: Provides steady-state, multiphase flow simulation for oil and gas production systems

    Olga flow assurance: dynamic multiphase flow simulator is used to understand and solve typical flow assurance challenges

    Practical flow assurance using transient OLGA simulation: key impediments to flow, including slugging and precipitation of organic and inorganic solids, with examples from various challenging environments.

    Olga well dynamic: simulate the flow transients in the wells and production systems.

    Assuring flow from pore to process: Basics, modeling, and lab: holistic approach to flow assurance, introduce technologies, work-flows, and their deployment for the identification, characterization, and management of flow impediments.

    Attributes that drive performance

    Upgrade the capability of your staff in line with the latest industry standards and technology requirements.

    To build or transform your team or organization, we offer in-depth, customized training programs designed to bring oil and gas professionals to a required level of autonomy faster. Each program is truly unique, with the right blend of training modes to suit training objectives. Tailored to individual client needs and conducted at client locations worldwide, programs often incorporate company data, on the job training (OJT) and software to address challenges.

    Our training program attributes

    • Over 700+ successful training programs designed and delivered, our programs are based on established training best practices and technology applications.
    • Customers have voted NExT ‘Training Provider of the Year’ for 3 consecutive years, we offer the best in class technical knowledge.
    • Training administration and management driven by service excellence and QA processes, ensuring consistency regardless of geographical location.
      • Structured combination and balance of formal learning and on the job tasks. Includes software proficiencies where applicable.
      • Our programs include quizzes and assessments, helping gauge proficiency achievement through the program.
      • Working on real-world industry applications, our instructors are experts and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach.


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