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    Please find answers to several FAQs below. Feel free to use the 'Contact Us' if you still need help. We welcome your questions and feedback.

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    Yes, you will be provided with a certificate on completion of your class.

    Please use the ‘Contact Us’ option. Your query will be directed to your local training team who can discuss the possibility of up-coming classes for your requirements. You can also add the course to your ‘wishlist’, and you will be contacted when a public class is scheduled.

    Please use the ‘Contact Us option. Your query will be directed to your local training team who can help to find something that fits your requirements.

    The price for scheduled public classes are listed in our website. Select your class of interest from our scheduled classes and you will find the price listed on that page. If you would like to know the price for a customized or private course, please the ‘Contact Us’ option.

    There will be no additional costs expected by NExT training other than the class fee that is published. Depending on the location of your training you may need to include local VAT to the advertised cost.

    Please note that our class fees do not include any accommodation or travel expenses which you will be expected to arrange and pay for separately.

    It may be possible to schedule a public class in your location. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ option so that your query will be directed to your local training team. For remote or virtual classes, the location shows the country from which the class is being administered, but you do not have to be in that country to attend.

    As a minimum you will require the following;

    1. Computer
    2. USB Headset
    3. Video Capabilities (720HD)
    4. Internet Access
    5. MS Office

    On registering for your course, your training coordinator will be able to confirm any additional software/course requirements.

    Within the details of each course, there is a prerequisites tab which will help indicate what is expected of each candidate prior to attending a class. If you are at all unsure please use the ‘Contact Us’ option and your local training team will contact you directly with further details.

    On registration your local training coordinator will contact you regarding your preferred method of payment and will advise what is required. Ordinarily your company will be expected to provide a purchase order or to complete a NExT booking form confirming their invoicing details.

    Your local training coordinator will provide you materials in the week leading up to your class. Depending on the training you are attending, this may be provided in the form of an e-book or pdf material.

    You will either receive the materials via an e-book, access details will be given regarding this or you will receive them via email/ or drop file.

    Your eBooks are now located within your Learning Journey in NexTpert. To access, please select the NExTpert button in the top right corner of the window. Select Sign In / Sign Up. Once you have logged in, select your name in the top right corner of the window and select My NExTpert. NExTpert will open in a new browser tab. Within your dashboard, locate the My learning journey widget and select View details. Select the Launch button in the Actions column of the course. Expand the sections of the course agenda to access all material required for the course. Locate the eBook and select the link.

    A new browser tab will be launched with the VitalSource login screen.

    Please let your instructor or training coordinator know as soon as possible, so that any alternate arrangements for your training can be made.

    Please contact the training coordinator for your class to advise of your cancellation.
    Please check our terms and conditions for ‘Cancellation by Participant’.
    NExT will use either MS Teams or WebEx in order to deliver your training. Your training coordinator will be able to confirm to you the agreed platform for your course.
    We can check the feasibility of converting the classroom course into a RILS course and will answer you.
    Sure, please send us your suggestion using the ‘Contact Us’ form.
    Yes, please use ‘Contact Us’ or contact your local NExT training team. We will assess the feasibility and will get back to you.
    No, you do not have to be.
    The type of software application will be determined by the class you are sitting and will be communicated by your training coordinator or instructor. They will also provide details on accessing any online software or where to download installers.
    Access to SLB software will be deactivated on completion of the class. Access will only be available through company purchased licenses and software.
    Timings may not always be visible on the website as these may be subject to change depending on the location and instructor availability but are generally held in the morning time-zone of the country. If you are concerned please use the ‘Contact us’ form which will be directed to your local NExT team.

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