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    Build your Transformation
    New hire training program For new hires

    Customer outcome

    • Effective and efficient integration of new hires with business
    • Exposure to full life cycle of the oil and gas industry
    • Accelerated understanding of different domains through integrated domain and software training
    • Fast track new hired
    • Shortened time to integration with organizational development path
    • Resolve consumption gaps

    Program description

    Standardized training roadmap focused on early development and autonomy.

    The new hire training program is designed to expose new hires and interns to the full life cycle of the oil and gas industry while accelerating their understanding of the different domains using hands-on learning, classroom sessions, software applications, field trips and/or technology center tours, laboratories, and simulators.

    Our program, which is modular, flexible and fit for purpose, includes software proficiencies where applicable. It allows you to build your own training blocks based on petrotechnical domains and offers predictable outcomes.

    New hire general training program

    Tailored to your specific business objectives, NExT combines an essential mix of learning experiences to maximize the return on your training investment. The program shown here is a general new hire training program which can easily be customized for specific objective, environment and challenges.

    The program has been designed to expose your new hires and interns to the full life cycle of the oil and gas industry while accelerating their understanding of the different domains through classroom sessions to cover theory, software applications followed by field trips and/or technology center tours to increase their exposure to field operations. Our program is flexible and fit for purpose, it allows your new hire or intern to build their own training blocks based on their domain while giving them the option to complete all the modules for a more comprehensive understanding of the industry.

    Exploration and
    production on-line

    Preparatory module

    Newcomer employee
    workplace HSE

    HSE module
    • Geology and
    • Petrophysics
    • Reservoir
    • Drilling and completion
    • Production engineering
    Technical modules

    OilSim upstream
    learning simulator

    • eLearning
    • Classroom
    • Field-trip
    • Field faciity
    • Technology center
    • Simulator

    Attributes that drive performance

    Upgrade the capability of your staff in line with the latest industry standards and technology requirements.

    To build or transform your team or organization, we offer in-depth, customized training programs designed to bring oil and gas professionals to a required level of autonomy faster. Each program is truly unique, with the right blend of training modes to suit training objectives. Tailored to individual client needs and conducted at client locations worldwide, programs often incorporate company data, on the job training (OJT) and software to address challenges.

    Our training program attributes

    • Over 700+ successful training programs designed and delivered, our programs are based on established training best practices and technology applications.
    • Customers have voted NExT ‘Training Provider of the Year’ for 3 consecutive years, we offer the best in class technical knowledge.
    • Training administration and management driven by service excellence and QA processes, ensuring consistency regardless of geographical location.
      • Structured combination and balance of formal learning and on the job tasks. Includes software proficiencies where applicable.
      • Our programs include quizzes and assessments, helping gauge proficiency achievement through the program.
      • Working on real-world industry applications, our instructors are experts and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach.


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