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    Enhancing your organizational effectiveness

    Aligning workforce competency and organizational objectives.

    An E&P organization’s development activity, growth plans, and performance, depend on a talented, technical workforce. To be successful, business leaders must synchronize technical talent with business strategy. Competency management is the best way to ensure this synchronization. For small teams and for hundreds of people spanning multiple asset teams, NExT has helped E&P organizations and professionals worldwide assess their talent, design training programs, and develop technical capabilities.

    Developing world-class competency

    NExT delivers competency management projects customized to each company’s unique needs at different scales—from accelerated team development projects spanning several weeks to immersive programs following asset teams through multiple assignments. With our global presence and experience in most oil and gas fields, we offer innovative based learning that blends the industry’s strongest technical foundation and technology, delivering the most trusted capability and workforce optimization solutions. Our competency management solutions are flexible, modular, tiered and integrate training programs that address real-life scenarios and instruct solving genuine problems.

    Flexible, modular and tiered competency management offering


    Committed to excellence

    Deep domain knowledge, industry’s strongest technical foundation and a track record of consistent customer recognition delivering competency solutions for IOCs, NOCs and Majors across the globe makes NExT the most reliable and trusted competency development solution provider in the E&P industry.



    Flexible to accommodate client customizations


    NExT competency management structure is modular, tiered and flexible which enables it to be customized based on clients requirements. Hence, whether its being designed for efficient utilization of new or existing technology or to update skills to address reservoir challenges, the competency management solution can fit all requirements while helping clients optimize training budgets.



    Built-in knowledge matrices with 1000+ job profiles


    Our competency assessment contains built-in knowledge matrices with more than 1,000 job profiles and individual training plans. Competency elements and job profiles can all be modified to match client’s requirements. Our experts can build a tailored, measured and customer-specific competency catalog and matrices for individual disciplines and competency profiles for each job function.



    Design optimized training programs


    NExT has delivered more than 100 competency management projects worldwide, while consistently evolving and refining the approach. Our solution incorporates most updated content, emerging and industry-relevant concepts and technologies. We ensure consistency in customer experience and excellence in execution ensuring efficiency and goal achievement for clients.



    Domain, software and domain with software assessments


    Apart from establishing a motivating environment for staff, competency management process provides a basis for internal and external benchmarking of technical and software capabilities. NExT offers competency assessments to be conducted in domain, software or integrated domain and software, establishing current competencies of the staff, and anticipated technology needs.

    NExT offers unique assessment solutions, including assessments combining E&P software with the domain, thus enabling our experts to develop training solutions that combine the industry-leading E&P software tools and workflows with domain learning. The goal is to maximize software proficiency while enhancing domain knowledge to maximize industry opportunities.

    Approach and methodology

    A systematic and quantitative approach to improved performance

    NExT competency management program is a structured, tiered and documented process that defines the performance capabilities critical to managing a successful project and ultimately prescribes a learning plan for company personnel to obtain those capabilities. Performed in close cooperation with NExT experts, the entire process includes active participation and input from individuals, asset teams, project managers, HR managers, and the wider organization. This ensures that the consequential learning plans and results are tailored to meet the organizations’ specific needs. It includes utilization of formal systems, such as NExTpert, and tools, and processes which ensure that personnel are competent to complete tasks to a determined standard. The figure below illustrates our competency management approach and methodology.

    Proficiency levels

    Building a measured technical competency inventory

    In the competency management process, after the competency matrices are completed, job competency profiles are created for each job type and for respective seniority level. The job profiles define the proficiency level that an individual should possess for each of the competency elements that are a component of the competency matrix for that job type. We commonly use five proficiency levels, and every competency element for each discipline has its own unique set of definitions.

    Trusted partner for local capacity building

    Partner with customers to enhance workforce capability.

    “Being recognized as the 'Education/Training Provider of the Year’ for three consecutive years followed by winning the ‘Localization Award’ for local capacity building reinforces the fact that NExT is the industry's trusted partner for training and competency development. NExT training programs meet industry objectives and support oil and gas companies in their strategic growth.

    The Education and Training Provider of the Year Award—voted on by the public and not a panel of judges—is given to the company, college or university that has consistently developed and delivered industry-leading programs. The Localization Award—shortlisted by a panel of judges and then voted on by the public—is given to the company, for its contribution in supporting local education and supply chain capacity building.

    Training Provider of the Year: 2013 - 15
    Localization Award: 2016
    WorldOil Best
    Outreach Program:
    Finalist, 2016

    Business impact

    It is an honor to be recognized by organizations for doing what we do best—supporting the competency development of individuals and teams in the oil and gas industry. Read about what our customers are saying about their experience with NExT.


    Local capability development through individual development plans

    “The scope of work was extensive with the job profile validation designed for our employees target in addition to the design of a training plan for the next few years. In this regard, you were able, along with your consultants, to capture all our requirements and even understood the specificity of our operations.”

    Training Advisor

    Dragon Oil


    Focused and cost-effective training program to eliminate the skills deficiencies.

    “NExT provided a competency assessment for about 300 Sibneft engineers and geoscientists. In a very thorough and systematic way, our best drilling, production, and reservoir engineers, geologists, and geoscientists were able to compare their competency standards with those of the international majors.”

    Chief Engineer, Sibneft


    Applying our specialized knowledge and expertise within your organization

    “The training of exploration and production (E&P) professionals are best handled by people who have experience that covers the entire spectrum of the E&P business, and this was the case with NExT.“

    General Manager

    Geoscience Division of Total, Nigeria

    Case study

    Maximizing software proficiency – A case study

    NExT has delivered oil and gas competency management projects for small teams and hundreds of people spanning multiple asset teams. Read a case study of how NExT helped a medium-sized North American independent oil company achieve its competency management objectives adopting the latest field and software technologies.

    Read the case study


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