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    Enhancing your organizational effectiveness

    Improving individual and organizational performance

    We build on our years of oil and gas experience and training expertise to continually develop, customize, and update the industry’s most advanced E&P training for meeting your business goals. Our training programs are designed by leading industry experts to blend theory with software tools and workflows across various disciplines.

    Connecting people with performance

    Training programs designed to align and accelerate the team skills development.


    User centric

    Connected and engaged learning delivery

    User centric

    Having delivered over 1,000 training programs worldwide, our referenced training programs are customized for each unique business challenge. Our goal is to develop competent and effective teams through connected and contextual learning opportunities that complement their jobs, promote individual growth, leading to optimum ROI for organizations.



    Increase staff skills and capacity faster


    Leveraging the wealth of knowledge, expertise and intellectual property available to NExT and SLB experts in E&P industry, our in-depth training programs are structured and focused, designed to bring oil and gas professionals to a required level of autonomy faster.



    Improve productivity, reduce inefficiency


    NExTpert, the digital learning ecosystem, allows measured and monitored compliance. It applies an efficient management approach to learning, development and capability enhancement for the user and delivers efficient teams, improved productivity and better business outcome for the managers.

    Real time linkage

    Real-time linkage

    Delivering the latest and best

    Real-time linkage

    With a global reach in more than 85 countries coupled with strong local experience and the diversity in thought, background and knowledge, the NExT team of technical and technology experts is committed to employing the best instructors, producing materials to the highest standard, and ensuring that curricula evolve to embrace the latest technology advances to help track and deliver the unique needs of each learner.

    Our learning solutions are designed to reduce operational complexity, accelerate the usage of technical capabilities and ultimately deliver quantifiable business impact. With a global reach in more than 85 countries coupled with strong local experience and the diversity in thought, background and knowledge, the NExT team of technical and technology experts are committed to excellence.


    Our learning solution design, structure and expertise


    Understanding the learner goals and organizational objectives

    Learning Solution Design
    • Quality content
    • Expert facility
    • Industry immersion
    • Operational excellence
    • Learning technology
    Delivery Mechanism
    • Classroom
    • Field trip
    • Practical
    • Field trip
      with software
    • Digital
    • On-the-job
    • Virtual
    • Classroom
      with simulator
    • Instructional
    • Experiential
    • Interactive
    Assessment and reflection
    Optimum client experience and

    State of art training centers

    SLB has its own training facility for running multidisciplinary theory and practical training programs in the Middle East, Russia, Europe and the US. , which encompasses classrooms, practical workshops, discipline-special simulators of field operations including but not limited to a mock up drilling rig, mock-up training wells for cased and open hole logging, production stimulation pads, cementing pads, completions pads where participants gain practical, hands-on experiences.

    World-class SLB training centers

    • World-class SLB training centers
    • World-class Schlumberger training centers -2
    • State of Art 3
    • State of Art 4

    State-of-the-art facilities allow students to gain practical experience in every operational task in the upstream business, including technologies related to seismic drilling, formation evaluation and testing, production and many other disciplines.


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