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    Build or transform your team and organization

    Innovative, relevant and immersive training program solutions and services, customized to meet your specific objectives.

    Project based training program For clients assigned technical professionals working on consulting projects

    Customer outcome

    • Technical knowledge transfer
    • Expert instructors ensure that you are able to optimally solve
      problems, decrease cycle time, and improve productivity—maximizing the value provided to your organization
    • Enhances your organizational effectiveness through innovative, relevant and immersive learning
    • Constant feedback and support driving continuous alignment
      to goals
    • Maximizes the return on your training investment
    • Empowers professionals to deal with real-life scenarios and solve genuine problems
    • Improves employee engagement and productivity.

    Program description

    Structured project based training addressing competence.

    Project based systematic training offered to clients along with consulting projects. These training programs are aimed at value realization and optimizing E&P professionals' core competencies to ensure project goals are met and continuity maintained even after the project is over. Clients work with most experienced and effective technical and technology experts to assure the highest value.

    Mostly on-the-job training, but can also include comprehensive and bespoke training solutions along the life of the project. The training solutions while improving the adoption of skills, help accelerate the implementation of skills and knowledge that are required to consistently deliver projects in scope, on time and on budget. Project based training program can be delivered in specific discipline, technology areas or in cross-disciplinary skills to sharpen asset team performance.

    NExT offers unique training solutions by combining industry leading E&P software tools and workflows with domain learning, continually incorporating emerging and industry-relevant concepts and technologies to its curricula.

    Project based general training programs

    NExT builds training programs that start with your strategic business objectives and experience level of the intended participants. From accelerating the understanding of new engineers and geoscientists to transforming an experienced asset teams expertise, NExT designs training focused on delivering learning that develops your team to match your business needs and maximize the return on your training investment.
    NExT blends or combines the best learning approach to achieve the results that you expect. Leveraging a catalog of more than 700 courses, NExT builds a unique program progression including expert-led training, software tools and workflows, hands-on field courses, operations assignments, on-the-job projects, self-learning exercises, and research and technology center tours.

    The programs shown here are just a few examples of general project based training programs which can easily be customized for specific objective, environment and challenges.

    Our subsurface integration programs can be combined with Techlog and/or Petrel.

    Our subsurface integration programs are customized, multidisciplinary, project-based, fit for purposes, skill building and learning programs that are centered on client organization’s subsurface project needs. The programs are created based on client objectives, proprietary data, and expectations. Any of our programs are portable and focused on knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing. Each program is shaped around client organization’s data, technical challenges and learning objectives. All our NSIP programs are delivered using the “learning by doing approach”, focused on teaching concepts and offering dedicated coaches and mentors. These programs can be integrated with Techlog and/or Petrel to maximize the overall ROI. With an average program duration ranging between 10 to 54 weeks, these programs are designed to meet the individual development objectives, establish solution for challenges and meet organizational goals.

    • Operations petrophysics and quick look analysis
    • Reservoir petrophysics – core / log integration
    • Carbonate petrophysics and reservoir analysis
    • Petrophysics or heavy oil reservoirs
    • Petrophysics of deep water reservoirs
    • Reservoir petrophysics with FDP including static and dynamic modeling with Petrel and Eclipse
    • Mature field and exploitation petrophysics
    • Cased hole petrophysics and reservoir monitoring
    • Exploration petrophysics, well evaluations and volumetrics with Petrel
    • Petrophysics and rock properties of unconventional reservoirs
    • Seismic petrophysics and reservoir characterization
    • Petrophysicists (operations or reservoir)
    • Operations or Development Geologists
    • Reservoir Engineers
    • Production Engineers
    • Seismic Rock Properties or Geophysicist
    • G&G Static model builders.

    Our subsurface integration programs can be combined with Techlog and/or Petrel.

    Solve complex reservoir characterization challenges while developing the skills of your asset team.

    • The objective of these programs is to accelerate the time for professionals to become independent contributors
    • Enable participants to develop new skills and generate value added benefits
    • Understand integration across disciplines and effectively communicate across them.
    • World class mentors and subject matter experts
    • Mentored over more than 100 projects
    • Advised M.Sc. and Ph.D. projects
    • Delivered 100+ classes with NExT
    • Trained more 1500 professionals
    • 30+ years of global experience.
    • Establishes a team with proven practical skills in reservoir characterization, classic petrophysics, reservoir petrophysics
    • Solutions to complex reservoir problems
    • Team that understands the concepts of the workflow processes to predict reservoir properties and recovery
    • Enables participants to enhance their technical skills
    • Usage of industry leading software tools such as
      • Petrel* E&P software platform
      • Techlog* wellbore software platform
      enables better decisions based on a clear understanding of both opportunities and risks
    • Characterizing and identifying new opportunities in mature fields, including evaluating advanced recovery processes.
    • Interpretation of real company data generating high level employee commitment.
    • Reservoir engineers
    • Production engineers
    • Geoscientists
    • Managers
    • Drilling engineers
    • Finance analysts
    • Individuals involved in FDP projects.

    Field development is becoming much more complex and expensive, so getting it right the first time is critical. NExT integrated field development plan (FDP) training has been designed to take participants through a series of structured workflows and procedures as well as develop their understanding of the overall aspects and applications of an FDP.
    Each of our three FDP programs provide the opportunity to learn fundamental approaches in developing and working an FDP. Each incorporates the latest technologies and software to enable designing a suitable, long-term, and profitable development strategy. NExT FDP training programs are flexible and adjustable to individual needs and knowledge, and all include in-class workshops and hands-on practical training modules.
    All training modules can be completed using public data, proprietary data, or both

    • Discover concepts with a hands-on approach.
    • Learn to plan for the newly appraised oil fields by engaging in different financial and reservoir development scenarios.
    • Understand the need for continuously updating the reservoir development plan during the different stages of the reservoir or field life.
    • Learn how to build static and dynamic models in the Petrel platform.
    • Carry out studies of rock and fluid properties, reservoir productivity, reserves, history matching, and well testing.
    • Develop an understanding of drilling, production, and surface facilities processes.
    • Identify and manage uncertainties and risks in terms of reservoir properties, well locations, completions, and production optimization.
    • Cultivate skills essential to developing an economically viable FDP.

    With the completion of the program, participants will be able to

    • participate in large FDP projects
    • help with FDP feasibility studies
    • seamlessly discuss FDP issues with project team members from other disciplines
    • help FDP project teams to create better field development alternatives with regard to concept choices and strategy selection in large field developments
    • use modern simulation tools in FDP projects such as
      • Petrel* E&P software platform
      • Techlog* wellbore software platform
      • Merak* planning, risk, and reserves software
    • integrate surface facilities and economics in FDP projects.

    These training programs focus on vocation and technician level trainings. The target population are field operators or field technicians who operate surface facilities or production facilities. The programs are customized and built as a structured curriculum, which can average between 1 – 12 months.

    We offer a wide range of training related to maintenance and reliability design, facility engineering, and facility operations and maintenance as well as technician and operator training. These trainings are conducted at different locations depending upon attendees’ requirements.

    • In classroom settings
      • Computer-based simulators to emulate real challenges
      • Training simulators in dedicated centers
    • On the job at your work site
      • Customized development program
      • Real-time mentoring
      • Startup and commissioning operations
    • At SLB training centers
    • At NExT partner facilities around the world
    • At wet training facilities.

    Attributes that drive performance

    Upgrade the capability of your staff in line with the latest industry standards and technology requirements.

    To build or transform your team or organization, we offer in-depth, customized training programs designed to bring oil and gas professionals to a required level of autonomy faster. Each program is truly unique, with the right blend of training modes to suit training objectives. Tailored to individual client needs and conducted at client locations worldwide, programs often incorporate company data, on the job training (OJT) and software to address challenges.

    Our training program attributes

    • Over 700+ successful training programs designed and delivered, our programs are based on established training best practices and technology applications.
    • Customers have voted NExT ‘Training Provider of the Year’ for 3 consecutive years, we offer the best in class technical knowledge.
    • Training administration and management driven by service excellence and QA processes, ensuring consistency regardless of geographical location.
      • Structured combination and balance of formal learning and on the job tasks. Includes software proficiencies where applicable.
      • Our programs include quizzes and assessments, helping gauge proficiency achievement through the program.
      • Working on real-world industry applications, our instructors are experts and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach.


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