Discipline Geology
Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Petrel Advanced Property Modeling

This course focus on Facies modeling, which in recent years has become the main method for guiding and constraining Petrophysical models.

Pixel based and Object models are demonstrated and exhausted in addition to complex hierarchical models combining multiple methods. Standard facies modeling methods have their limitations in more complex depositional environments. Therefore, this course will explore the more advanced property modeling tools, like the cutting edge Multi-point statistics process.

Different ways of creating soft probability data using different processes to analyze data, such as trend modeling and geometrical trend modeling, exploring the relationship of secondary data to constrain models will also be covered.

There is a special focus in the theory behind the Multi-point statistical concept, covering the creation of good training images and how to incorporate soft probability data, vary direction and scale in the final simulation model. In addition, this course covers the Geobody modeling tool for extracting seismic bodies and use them directly as “hard data” in the modeling process.

Also GRFS and SGS petrophysical models constrained to the previously generated facies models will be shown.

A short insight to automate property modeling workflows to update your models in a simple and rapid way will be covered.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Overview of basic geostatistics
    • Creating soft probability data
    • Short recap of facies modeling methods with classical geostatistics
    • Pixel-based facies modeling methods
    • Object-based facies modeling methods
    • Conditioning and combining modeling methods
    • Neural Net Learning Systems
    • Multi-Point Statistics (MPS) theory
    • Region properties
    • Conditioning and Scaling of MPS models
    • How to make and use seismic Geobodies
    • Multi-point facies simulation
    • Optional: Conditioned petrophysical modeling
  • Audience

    Development and exploration geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers and technical personnel with experience in Property modeling in Petrel.

  • Prerequisites

    Petrel Fundamentals and Petrel Property Modeling courses or equivalent Petrel experience. General knowledge of petroleum geology.

  • Prerequisites

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