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Discipline Geology ,
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Practical Training with Software
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Petrel Structural Modeling: Structural Framework Workflows

This course presents the Petrel* software workflows used to build structural frameworks and geocellular grids integrated with domain knowledge. It aims to improve your reservoir modeling skills and help you achieve a better understanding of the overall reservoir structure.

The training includes:

  • An introduction to subsurface modeling
  • An overview of the structural framework modeling workflow
  • Discussion about the different types of fault complexities you are likely to see in a hydrocarbon reservoir and how you can model them with fault framework modeling
  • The construction of the reservoir horizons at both the un-refined stage and re-fined stages with the creation of the zone model
  • How to detect common input data issues as well as different techniques and tools of quality control to avoid inconsistencies at different stages during the modeling cycle
  • The 2D reconstruction workflow
  • The computation of a depositional space as well as its differences with the 2D reconstruction workflow
  • Structured stair-stepped grids and unstructured depogrids, and advantages and disadvantages for each of the two
  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Introduction to subsurface modeling

    Structural Framework and the conept of VBM

    Fault modeling

    Day 2

    Bounary definition and model construction

    Enhanced quality cheks and modeling

    Model refinement and Depospace calculation

    Day 3

    Structural gridding for stair stepped grids

    struuctural gridding for depogrids

  • Topics

    • Create structural models in Petrel using the Volume-based modeling algorithm
    • Create the fault framework based on provided input data
    • Assess the fault framework and edit the result
    • Run the Model construction process
    • Create and use the Horizon filtering attribute in the Model construction workflow
    • Use important structural operation tools to quality check yourmodel
    • Incorporate the 2D reconstruction tool with horizon modeling in the structural framework
    • Use advanced options of the Volume-based modeling algorithm for horizon modeling
    • Refine and construct zones for the structural framework model
    • Build a depositional space to create an unfolded and unfaulted representation of the structural framework model
    • Construct a stair-stepped corner point grid from a structural framework
    • Generate the stair-stepped grid using the Depospace transform
    • Use a stair-stepped grid in a dual-scale reservoir model (coarse-fine-coarse) workflow
    • Build a depogrid from a structural framework model
    • Create segmentations of your stair-stepped grids and depogrids
  • Audience

    Development and exploration geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, managers, reservoir engineers and technical personnel with prior experience in Petrel.

  • Prerequisites

    General knowledge of petroleum geology, structural geology and geophysics. Getting strated with Petrel eLearning or equivalent Petrel experience is necessary.

  • Prerequisites

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