Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Reservoir Engineering
Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Virtual Classroom
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Introduction to EOR

The Introduction to EOR course is a VILT (virtually instructor led training) delivered real time. The course will be taught in 4 hour sessions over a 2 day period and is delivered using the WebEx platform. Our virtual training methodology incorporates passive and active learning in an effort to acheive the best virtual training experience.

This course presents a basic knowledge of chemical, miscible and thermal EOR processes.  The general screening criteria for these methods will be discussed via hands on exercises for different example fields. The concepts, limitations, and challenges and fundamental science and engineering behind these EOR processes will also be discussed.

This course will be delivered in 2 virtual sessions of 4 hours each. The first session is an overview of EOR processes and their screening criteria with specific field case examples; the second session discusses the fundamentals of chemical, miscible and thermal EOR process.

Each student will need the following to attend.

  • Computer
  • USB Headset
  • Video Capabilities (720HD)
  • Access to internet
  • MS Office
  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Overview of Enhanced Oil Recovery Process and Their Screening Criteria (estimated 4 hour delivery, in one or more sessions)

    • EOR Overview
      • Definition
      • Generic EOR workflow
      • Main EOR types and related recovery mechanisms
    • EOR Processes
      • Concepts
      • Limitations and challenges
    • EOR Selection
      • EOR Screening Criteria for all EOR types
      • Class Exercises illustrating EOR Screening for candidate fields
    • Fundamental science and engineering behind EOR applications

    Participants will learn definition, generic workflow, recovery mechanisms, general concepts, limitations and challenges of commercial EOR types as well as their screening criteria developed over time. This will be followed by class exercises on EOR screening for candidate fields. The day day will end with discussion of the fundamental science and engineering behind EOR applications.

    Day 2

    Fundamentals of Chemical, Miscible and Thermal EOR (estimated 4 hour delivery, in one or more sessions)

    • Fundamentals of Chemical EOR
    • Fundamentals of Miscible EOR
    • Fundamentals of Thermal EOR and newly developed Thermal methods

    Day 2 will cover the fundamentals of Chemical, Miscible and Thermal EOR processes. Case studies on newly developed thermal EOR will be covered as well.

  • Audience

    Anyone interested in learning the basics of Enhanced Oil Recovery processes

  • Prerequisites


  • Prerequisites

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