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Location Lagos, Nigeria
Start21 Jun 2018
End22 Jun 2018
Discipline Reservoir Engineering ,
Geology ,
Duration2 Days
CostUSD 1,920.00
Delivery Mechanism Classroom

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Petrel Advanced Wells

This course builds on the Petrel Reservoir Engineering course and goes more in depth on modeling of deviated wells.The standard well modeling with ECLIPSE and FrontSim treats the entire well bore as a single entity and therefore cannot take into account pressure changes along the well bore due to friction, valves or pumps. Such devices are often used with horizontal wells to control the inflow profile along the well trace.

To model these effects, the multi segmented well model must be used. This course explains the capabilities of this well model and how to use Petrel to set it up. How to add completions such as valves and pumps and how to make development strategies utilizing the equipment is also covered. Sector models can be useful to study parts of a reservoir.

This course shows how to define sectors, how to select boundary conditions and how to run sector models.

  • Topics
  • Instructors
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • The standard well model vs the multi segmented well model
    • Pressure drop along horizontal wells
    • Designing horizontal wells and wells with laterals
    • Setting up multi segmented wells
    • Completion design for multi segmented wells
    • Development strategies with group control
    • Sector models
  • Instructors


    Samuel Bankole Aderemi is a Reservoir Simulation Engineer, instructor, lecturer, and Senior Reservoir Engineering (RE) Workflow Consultant for Schlumberger.

    His strong expertise in reservoir simulation and reservoir engineering software application support and consulting, with a particular interest in uncertainty quantification, optimization workflow and experimental design for stochastic simulation, was developed through an 8 year career that began at Coccac Resources Nigeria Limited with his role as a Reservoir Engineer.

    He joined Schlumberger in February 2007 where he has held roles as Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, and Reservoir/Production Engineering Leader. Currently, he works as a Senior RE Workflow Consultant for Schlumberger Norge AS, Norway. Before his current assignment, in addition to his role in Schlumberger, he was also a visiting lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria where he used to teach reservoir simulation course and application of ECLIPSE for reservoir simulation.

    Presently, he is a Senior Reservoir Engineering Workflow Consultant and NExT instructor.

  • Audience

    Reservoir Engineers or geoscientists with good  domain experience.

  • Prerequisites

    Petrel Reservoir Engineering or equivalent experience.

  • Prerequisites

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