Oil & Gas Training
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Location Doha, Qatar
Start29 Apr 2019
End30 Apr 2019
Discipline Production Engineering
Duration2 Days
CostUSD 1,800.00
Delivery Mechanism Classroom

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Well Integrity - Cement Placement Evaluation

Cement integrity is critical for the whole well integrity as it is the first barrier in between the reservoir (P and T) and surface.
Measuring cement integrity remains a challenge. Most tools measure an acoustic property of the cement while integrity depends more on permeability. Hence the need to be able to read and interpret with the greatest confidence  as possible the logs.

The objectives of the two days are :
- Understand how to assess the quality of a sonic or ultrasonic log i.e can the information contained in the log be trusted
- Be able to read the logs without being tool specialists
- Be able to make the link in between the log and the cement job.

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Location
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Exercises on understanding how to assess the quality of a sonic or ultrasonic log i.e can the information contained in the log be trusted and be able to read the logs without being tool specialist.

    Day 2

    Real logs (ultrasonic and VDL) are given to the Participants. The instructor plays the role of the cementing company. The Participants have to take the decision to perforate the well or not at the depths specified and to suggest improvements to the cementing job.

  • Audience

    Drilling, Production and Completion Engineers and other personnel in need to evaluate the quality of primary cementing operations.

  • Prerequisites

    A fair knowledge of the cementing process is required.

    A basic knowledge of the sonic and ultrasonic bond logs is a plus but not absolutely necessary.

  • Prerequisites

  • Location


    Doha, located on the Persian Gulf, is the capital city of the state of Qatar.


    Doha is home to a number of sports stadiums, many of which were renovated in preparation for the 15th Asian Games, held in December 2006. Doha also hosted the 3rd West Asian Games in December 2005. Doha is also expected to host the 2011 Asian Indoor Games; Doha will also host the finals for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup. Qatar is aiming to be the region's sports capital.

    Doha International Airport is Qatar's only international airport. It is the hub of Qatar Airways, and is served by many other international airlines.

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    • Timezone : GMT+03:00, Saudi Arabia (Baghdad)
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