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Training Programs

With more than 19 years of experience helping clients develop their oil & gas asset teams' skills, NExT understands the unique challenge in aligning an asset team's abilities with strategic objectives. NExT training programs are designed to align and accelerate the skills development of your engineering and geoscience teams. Tailored to your specific business objectives, NExT combines an essential mix of learning experiences to maximize the return on your training investment.

Through the combination of expert-led courses, in-class projects customized for your asset challenges, field and lab courses that provide hands-on learning experiences, industry-leading software tools, and one on one mentoring, NExT blends a targeted, skills development program that accelerates your team's core competencies.

NExT has designed and delivered over 600 training programs worldwide, customized for each unique business challenge, including advanced asset teams focused on unconventional gas resources and multi-discipline organizations seeking to accelerate the skills development of hundreds of engineers and geoscientists.

Examples of NExT's training program experience include:

Customized programs for your asset teams

Every asset team, like every asset, is unique. NExT designs training programs using a blended learning approach, a global training network, and advanced training centers to align with your strategic objectives and maximize your programs business impact.

Business driven curriculums

NExT builds training programs that start with your strategic business objectives and experience level of the intended participants. From accelerating the understanding of new engineers and geoscientists to transforming an experienced asset teams expertise, NExT designs training focused on delivering learning that develops your team to match your business needs.

Blended learning approach

NExT blends or combines the best learning approach to achieve the results that you expect. Leveraging a catalog of more than 340 courses, NExT builds a unique program progression including expert-led training, software tools and workflows, hands-on field courses, operations assignments, on-the-job projects, self-learning exercises, and research and technology center tours.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training programs are available for individuals or for groups of customers and include a permanent or time-structured mentor. Students perform real job tasks with their own data, accelerating time to autonomy.

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