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July 13, 2014

Holistic hands-on education to meet E&P challenges

In 2000, three universities with oil and gas curricula combined their academic fortes with the operational expertise of Schlumberger to create the Network of Excellence in Training (NExT). This industry-university consortium was designed with a focus on accelerated petrotechnical professionals (PTP) education.

Today, NExT, a Schlumberger company, combines the rigors of academia with operational expertise to instruct more than 10,000 technical experts each year in 11 core disciplines—from characterization and exploration through development and production—as well as in proprietary software applications.

Technical expertise for geoscientists and engineers

NExT offers more than 420 courses for PTPs seeking to advance their technical expertise and career development. Course topics include petrotechnical, software, and surface facilities as well as operation and maintenance training.

The coursework integrates software training, competency assessments, and hands-on education that is reinforced by field trips. NExT also offers well control certifications for land-based supervisors and immersive learning programs such as a multidomain shale training program. Furthermore, NExT has an upstream learning simulator that provides interactive training services to help individuals and teams broaden their exploration and production (E&P) expertise.

Focused training programs

NExT training programs combine E&P software tools and workflows with domain education in unique environments such as Schlumberger learning centers. These learning centers offer hands-on educational experiences in field locations for on-site geology field study, and in well site locations for integrated practical exposure to E&P practices and activities.

All course attendees are encouraged to continue in-class discussions via the NExT online technical community forum, which enhances learning and facilitates technical discussions with coaches and mentors in multiple disciplines.

Two in a row

In 2014, for the second consecutive year, the Getenergy Awards named NExT as the Education/Training Provider of the Year for industry-leading curricula. The Getenergy Awards recognize excellence in learning, education, and training for the global oil and gas industry.

Through a unique combination of classroom-based, instructor-led coursework and workshops, case study learning, mentoring and coaching programs, field trips, and visits to laboratories and manufacturing facilities, NExT courses are customized to meet the industry’s immediate and future needs.

NExT Technical Forum:
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