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Ten Things to Know about NExT

August 27, 2015

NExT delivers a wide variety of oil and gas training and career development solutions for E&P organizations and professionals worldwide. First launched in 2000, NExT instructs more than 13,000 technical experts each year in 11 core disciplines—from characterization and exploration through development and production—as well as in industry-leading, proprietary software applications, including the Petrel E&P software platform.

With a truly global presence, NExT understands the world’s oil and gas fields and can customize solutions to match specific training and competency development needs. Here's 10 important points to know about NExT.

  • NExT has trained more than 70,000 oil and gas industry professionals. This includes both Schlumberger employees and our customers, on topics ranging from the most basic non-technical to the most technical.
  • More than 1,500 instructors provide instruction in 11 key disciplines such as unconventional resources, geomechanics, management and economics, and production and drilling technologies.
  • NExT currently holds training and competency development courses in 50 countries—from Ecuador to India, Algeria to Australia. In total, NExT has the capacity to conduct courses in 119 countries. If Schlumberger has an office in a specific locale, NExT can be there for training.
  • Thirty core NExT offices and software training centers exist around the globe, spanning multiple continents.
  • Eleven directors of curriculum oversee each key discipline to insure NExT is offering the most up-to-date instruction.
  • Every year NExT runs on average 1,500 public classes, not counting customer–dedicated private classes and programs on demand.
  • NExT offers the largest portfolio of training resources. Industry professionals may choose from more than 500 practical courses, training programs, and competency services covering the technical and software skills that today’s technical and asset teams need.
  • Simulator-based training is available via NExT. For example, the OilSim upstream learning simulator takes users through the entire exploration and production business process—from acquiring a block to its development, production, and abandonment.
  • NExT partners with leading educational institutions, including Heriot-Watt University, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma University, to provide best-in-class training.
  • NExT was recently recognized as the Getenergy Education and Training Provider of the Year. This marks the third consecutive year in which the training and competency development business has received the award.

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