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DataView Digital Data Display Software

Display and Print in XML Formats

Schlumberger provides data to its clients in several different digital data formats. The most common in use today are DLIS (Digital Log Information Standard) and LAS (Log ASCII Standard). DataView software displays digital data on the screen with conventional log formats using the same XML formats supported by InterACT connectivity, collaboration, and information services. It can also send this output to Windows printers. The XML formats can be modified using the simple attribute editor included with the program, and the changes can be saved for future use.

Download instructions

US English users should download the 15-MB Zip file and install the software.

International users please download both the 15-MB Zip and the International Download. Install the software as usual. Unzip the International Download and replace the original DataView.exe located in the C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\DataView\ folder with the executable from the International Download.

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