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    Building a Culture of Innovation

    In today’s economy, innovation and creativity are integral to business success.  Decision makers are exploring their organization’s innovation skills and culture to plot a winning course and to encourage employees to adopt new ways of thinking to build product and process innovation.  Building an innovative culture requires a systematic approach to supporting and managing human capital, information, and knowledge in order to transform thinking and ideas into successful business outcomes, processes, products and services.   

     Embracing mistakes and unleashing hidden creativity to solve complex problems also play significant roles in creating innovative organizational cultures.

     This introductory two-day workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of innovation in the workplace, the importance of supporting and building an innovative culture and leading practices in the field.  We will discuss the key characteristics and behaviors of innovators and some ways in which employees can be empowered to build innovation skills.  Participants will leave with basic tools and resources to begin to build a culture of innovation and creativity in their teams and organizations.  Participants will be given the opportunity to explore their own organizational culture in context to innovation and creativity and to build creative thinking skills and attitudes. 

    Day 1

    Understanding Innovation

    • What is Innovation
    • Organizational Culture and Innovation
    • Why Culture Matters to Innovation
    • Diagnosing and Measuring your Innovation Culture
    • Managing Innovation

    The goal of this first day is for participants to explore the concept of innovation and understand how it is defined within the context of their organization.  They will develop a clearer understanding of why it is important to build a culture that supports innovation and how they can begin to measure and manage innovation within their organization or project team.                  

    Day 2

    Building and Supporting Innovators

    • What does an innovative employee look like?
      • Conceptual creativity
      • Mindset
    • Encouraging and supporting innovative thinking
    • Measuring the innovativeness of your team
    • Taking Action to build an innovative team

     The focus of day two is on understanding and building innovative thinking skills in individual teams and team members.  Participants will gain an understanding of innovative characteristics and behaviors,  how to recognize, measure and support these behaviors in their team as well as practice innovative thinking techniques.  Participants will leave with strategies and tactics for beginning to support and build innovative teams.                 

    Emerging and front-line leaders.  It is especially beneficial for any leader wanting to improve their competency in coaching and performance management.

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