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    Deepwater Petroleum Systems - Fundamentals and Applications

    This course teaches the fundamentals of Petroleum System Analysis (PSA) with an emphasis on deepwater applications. PSA is a relatively new specialization in the field of Petroleum Geology: it investigates the generation of hydrocarbons in the subsurface and tries to reconstruct the filling history of existing oil and gas accumulations with the aim to quantify the charge risk of undrilled prospects. Deepwater environments present the petroleum system analyst with a number of specific challenges, as source rocks are typically beyond the reach of the drill bit and oil-to-source rock correlations are complicated by oil transformation processes such as remigration and biodegradation. After a 3 day introduction of the fundamentals of PSA, case histories from the Gulf of Mexico, offshore West Africa and the Mediterranean are discussed. Special attention is given to geochemical well evaluations, which form an essential part of PSA, not only in the Deepwater environments but also for the evaluation of unconventional hydrocarbons such as Shale Gas and Basin Center Gas.

    Day 1

    Source Rocks

    Lectures: Case History I, Carbon Cycle, Source Rock Deposition, Source Rock Evaluation

    Exercises: source rock evaluation North Sea, Canada, source potential calculation, geochemical log interpretation

    Day 2

    Burial, Temperature, Maturity

    Lectures: Source Rock Kinetics, Heat Flow, Burial and Temperature, Maturity

    Exercises: Burial History, Maturity Calculation, Deepwater Potential, Drainage Area Mapping

    Day 3

    Petroleum Geochemistry

    Lectures: Chemistry of Petroleum, Biomarkers, gasoline Fraction, Case History II, Geochemical databases

    Exercises: GC Interpretation of Deepwater oils, West Africa Oil Correlation, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

    Day 4

    Deepwater Well Evaluations

    Lectures: Deepwater Oil Transformations, Operational Geochemistry

    Exercises: Hydrocarbon Habitat

    Day 5


    Lectures: Dry Hole Analysis, Case History III, Course review, Closeout and Evaluation.

    Exercises: Evaluation of Farm in opportunity, Test

    This course is designed for geoscientists working in (deepwater) exploration and their direct supervisors. The course is also very instructive for staff from other disciplines working closely with exploration staff, such as reservoir engineers, petrophysicists and prospect portfolio analysts.

    Knowledge of basic geology and chemistry are an advantage, but are not essential

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