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    Strategic Project Management

    This intensive five-day course will deal with all aspects of project management in greenfield and brownfield environments.  It will combine a review of theory and practice of key skills in a program to develop and improve the participant’s performance in a project management team where the work scope may include capital, operations, and maintenance projects.  The workshop will include more detailed sessions on individual VIPs, depending on the solution to the case study that is developed by the teams.  The stage gates will use simplified versions of Decision Support Packages to assist teams in taking and winning decisions in the simulation of the Capital Value Process.

    The workshop style delivery will include review lectures focused to support the development of estimates, plans, and risk analysis of the case study project.  The workshop will provide significant guidance to teams through the use of the Project Management Best Practice.

    Day 1

    Project Life Cycle

    • Project life cycle
    • Project finance review
    • Project execution plan
    • Project realization
    • Stage gate reviews
    • Oriole Case Study 1: Feasibility

    Day one will introduce the project life cycle and leadership skills and their contributions to project management.  Participants will gain insight into techniques used to analyze the strategic setting of an organization or project and will be able to devise a strategy to meet stated needs.  They will gain an understanding of the significance of change, why change is necessary, and will learn the methods of underlying change in organizations, then they will continue with the feasibility study.

    Day 2

    Decision Support Packages, Qualitative Risk Review and Analysis, and @Risk

    • Decision support packages
    • Qualitative risk review
    • Quantitative risk analysis
    • Overview of @Risk for Excel
    • Overview of @Risk for project
    • Oriole Case Study 2: Conceptual

    Day two will explain the use of decision support packages in the capital value process, along with a review of qualitative risk management procedures.  The learning objectives will also include quantitative risk management and using specific risk management software to conduct quantitative risk management on the case study project, then participants will continue with the conceptual study.                

    Day 3

    Value Management and Improvement Practices

    • Value management
    • Value improvement practices
    • Constructability
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Oriole Case Study 3: Development Action Plan

    The learning objectives of day three will be for participants to understand some of the key value improvement practices, such as value management and constructability, and then apply them to the case study. The application of sensitivity analysis will also be discussed along with the development stage of the case study.

    Day 4

    Procurement, Value Improvement Practices Continued, and Integrated Baseline Reviews

    • Procurement
    • Best in class and benchmarking
    • Quality
    • Value improvement practices continued
    • Integrated baseline reviews
    • Oriole Case Study: Execution Plan

    On day four, participants will learn the importance of procurement and quality throughout the life-cycle of a project and how to consider these elements within the production of the Project Execution Plan (PEP).  Additional value improvement practices and the importance of conducting a baseline review will also be discussed before moving on to the production of the execution plan for the case study project.                

    Day 5


    • Case study preparation
    • Presentation of case study
    • Feedback from invited panel

    On day five, participants will discover how to effectively present a PEP to senior management within an organization and how to make a compelling case to secure funding that will enable the project to go ahead.             

    The course is aimed at those who have previous knowledge of project management and also project managers who wish to gain exposure to more advanced techniques.

    Attendees must have a prior knowledge of project management and ideally have attended the "Project Management" course.

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