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    Completions and Production Engineering - Remote Instructor Led Series

    This is a 5-day Remote Instructor Led Series Course with emphasis on the role of the Well, as part of the Integrated Production System for a Hydrocarbon Asset.

    Bythe end of the course, participants should be able to: State how WellCompletions fit into the E&P Activity; Recall and discuss hydrocarbonexploitation considerations for well productivity and completion design;Describe the main parameters that influences Well Performance and Productivity;Describe the factors that influence the selection and design of the completionstring and components; Calculate main economy indicators relevant to aworkover; Carry out a completion design and explain how it will be run inthe well.

    The course includes a Toolbox with the main formulas required to solve exercises related to the topics of the course and a section of Guideline to the Instructor, stressing the main points to focus during the delivery.

    –1stDay Quiz
    –WellCompletions and Performance - Introduction
    –WellCompletion Methods
    –FiveReservoir Fluids
    –InflowPerformance Relationship – Oil Wells

    –InflowPerformance Relationship – Oil Wells
    –Multi-phaseflow in Pipes
    –Introductionto Well  Completions

    - TubingConnections

    - Packers

    - PackersSelection

    - Wellheadsand X-mas Trees

    - UpperCompletion Accessories

    - SafetyValves

    - GasWell Completions

    - RunningCompletions

    - SandControl

    - Multilaterals

    - Sub-SeaArchitectures

    - ArtificialLift Methods

    - Economicsin Well Intervention

    - LastDay Quiz

    Drilling, Reservoir, Production Engineers or another professional in need to become conversant on the interface between Well Completions and Production Engineering.

    Basic knowledge of Drilling and Reservoir Engineering, and an Engineering Degree.

    Instructor : Manuel Bramao


    Daily sessions last 5-6 Hours
    September 26-30, 2022

    2:00 AM Houston /
    8:00 AM London /
    11:00 AM Dubai /
    3:00 PM Beijing

    06:00 HRs/Day


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