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    Water Treatment and Injection System

    This course is designed to provide participants with an overview on the different types of water treatment methods, for water injection systems either by produced water or seawater as found in today’s oil and gas industry.

    In most offshore oil and gas reservoirs, oil and gas collects above large volumes of formation water. Participants will be provided with the knowledge to enhance their understanding of these reservoirs as well as the process of how seawater may be pumped into the reservoir to maintain pressure and help the oil and gas to flow from the reservoir to a production platform or facility.  They will also gain knowledge of the water treatment systems and injection pumps that have been installed on the processing decks of these offshore platforms to send filtered and sterilized seawater into the reservoirs.

    Managing water quality for oil and gas production and processing is a complicated industry issue.  Participants of this course will learn the preferred source of injection water in an offshore environment is seawater and that drilling a new well is very expensive.  The course provides knowledge necessary to gain and enhance their aptitude in the area of water for injection and how it has to be of a very high quality to avoid plugging and scaling of the injection equipment.  The course also provides information on souring which can occur when water containing oxygen and bacteria is injected and can reduce the produced hydrocarbons' value.

    Day 1

    Water Injection

    • Reservoirs, rock properties and water flooding
    • Injection water impurities, treatment, and systems
    • Water quality monitoring and control

    Participants will gain an overall understanding of reservoir characteristics, water flooding methodologies, systems, and equipment associated with water injection systems on day one.  An understanding of injection water impurities and treatment systems will be reviewed in relation to process problems such as corrosion, and deposition.  Water quality monitoring and control will be addressed with respect to process control, safety and environmental compliance and concerns.

    Day 2

    Operation of the Water Injection System

    • Well design and construction
    • System types, flow diagram and P&ID’s
    • Equipment, components, normal, and emergency operation

    On day two, participants will gain an overall understanding of well design and construction.  Types of injection systems, process flow diagrams and Process an Instrumentation drawings (P&ID’s) will be studied and the process will be discussed.  Maintenance issues associated with system equipment and components will be addressed and case studies will be used to re-enforce its importance.  The normal and emergency operation of water injection and treatment systems, and associated equipment will be reviewed with respect to process control, safety and environmental compliance and concerns.

    This course is mainly targeted to process technicians, process technologists and maintenance personnel. The course can also be applicable to employees working with equipment and materials purchasing, equipment procurement, job planning as well as immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

    Participants should have some recent exposure to oil and gas facility terminology.

    Quito, Ecuador
    September 10-11, 2024
    • Registration for this class closes on August 27.
    • If registration has closed, use the Contact us form to enquire about this class.

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