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    Merak Peep Fundamentals

    This course introduces you to the primary functionalities of Merak Peep as economic evaluation software for oil and gas projects.

    In this course, you will explore Merak Peep flexibility when working with an economic evaluation project from entering the input parameters into Merak Peep case, adding scenarios and consolidating results, to batch processing multiple cases. Finally, the course uses Merak’s economic engine to generate cash flow.

    You will evaluate these inputs in different ways by building many different What-if scenarios and then calculating and comparing results.

    In addition, this course covers basic concepts of cash flow and overview of economic analysis workflows.

    Anyone who needs to develop or improve their skill and understanding of project economics performed with the use of Merak Peep software

    • Set Merak Peep software preferences to customize views and calculation parameters
    • Create, edit, and copy economic case documents
    • Review essential economic inputs (production, price, ownership, provincial royalties, state taxes, international tax regimes, operating costs, capital)
    • Create filters and user parameters to sort large volumes of data easily
    • Use scenarios and Scenario Manager to perform rapid sensitivity analysis
    • Create consolidations to value workovers and aggregate projects
    • Use batch processes to edit or report multiple cases at once and calculate price sensitivity

    Petroleum Economics Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge

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