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Discipline Geology
Duration5 Days
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Fundamentals of Structural Geology

This class has been designed to familiarize class participants with the fundamentals of Structural Geology, as used and required in and for  the Oil & Gas Industry.

Structural Geology is defined as “The discipline within the science of Geology that relates to rock unit geometry and the deformational histories that produced those geometries.”

This class is structured with regard to scale considerations of the various elements of structural geology – small to large. The initial portions of this course will investigate rock deformation factors at the microscopic scale. Next meso-scale structures will be discussed and then, finally, large scale (tectonic) elements will be examined.

The class contains a significant practical element, with exercises and tests designed to improve the understanding of how to apply Structural Geology in Petroleum-related applications. The course also contains video and case histories.

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Agenda and QHSE

    Pre-Course Test as required

    Fundamental Structural Concepts


    Forces and Stress 

    Strain and Deformation (Elastic, Plastic and Brittle)

    Ductile Deformation Processes - Folding

    Lineations and Foliations

    Exercise - understanding 3-point mapping

    Day 2

    Brittle and Other Structures

    Brittle Deformation Processes

    Fractures and Joints

    Faulting (including video)

    Unconformities, Domes, Pinchouts, Intrusions

    Exercise - 3D Structures

    Salt Tectonics and Diapirism

    Day 3

    Expression of Structure

    Seismic Interpretation of Structure

    Exercise - Seismic Interpretation of Structure

    Structural Interpretation of Borehole Images

    Exercise - Borehole Interpretation

    Surface Representation of Structure

    Exercise - Strikeline Mapping

    Exercise - Mapping Project


    Day 4

    Expression of Structure (continued)

    Exercise - Mapping Project (continued)

    Structural Cross-Sections

    Exercise - Constructing a Cross-Section

    3D Modeling - Structure and Fractures

    Exercise - Structural Correlation with Logs

    Global Tectonics

    Structure of the Earth and Plate Tectonics (including Videos)

    The Wilson Cycle (including video)


    Day 5

    Regional Tectonics

    Extensional Tectonics

    Compressional Tectonics

    Strike-Slip Tectonics

    Paleo-Tectonics (with optional case Study)

    Post-Course Test as required


  • Topics

    Fundamental concepts - stress, strain, & deformation

    Ductile deformation (folding)

    Brittle deformation (faulting and fracturing)

    Other structures - domes, unconformities, pinchouts

    Salt tectonics

    Seismic Interpretation of Structure

    Structural Interpretation of Borehole Images

    Surface Representation of Structure

    3D structural modeling

    Global and regional tectonics

    Tectonic styles - Extensional, compressional, lateral


    Plate tectonics and the Wilson cyccle

  • Audience

    Geoscientists who wish to expand their knowledge of Structural Geology as used and required in and for  the Oil & Gas Industry.

  • Prerequisites

    A basic understanding and background in Geology is preferred.

  • Prerequisites

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