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Discipline Information Management
Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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ProSource Petrel and Results Fundamentals

This course teaches you the fundamental concepts and workflows of the ProSource Results and ProSource Petrel software. With ever-increasing volumes of interpretation data, recording key data and information is a critical element of your business processes and to support related decisions. Through this course you will learn to use the ProSource Results and ProSource Petrel software to capture interpretation results as well as supporting information such as documents and reports at identified project milestones from interpretation project applications such as Petrel, GeoFrame and OpenWorks. Full project file archiving is also covered. The course will then guide you to restore the same for collaboration, sharing and reuse. Additionally, project data snapshot publishing workflows specific to Petrel are covered to enable cross-project Petrel data management for reporting on data usage, data completeness, and data duplication.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Basic concepts of ProSource Results
    • Study and 3D model containers, data capturing, data restoration
    • Capturing and restoring interpretation results from/to GeoFrame
    • Attaching documents and reports to study containers
    • Archiving file-based project files and unstructured data
    • Basic concepts of ProSource Petrel extension
    • Configuring the ProSource Petrel plug-in
    • Publishing Petrel project data snapshots - interactive and scheduled
    • Accessing the ProSource Petrel index for multi-project data viewing, comparing, reporting
    • Archiving and restoring complete Petrel projects
    • Capturing and restoring interpretation results from/to Petrel
  • Audience

    This course is intended for petro-technical data administrators, data loaders, data managers and geoscientists who require understanding about the functionalities and workflows supported by ProSource Results.

  • Prerequisites

    ProSource Framework Fundamentals course or working knowledge of ProSource and Petrel software

  • Prerequisites

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