Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Information Management
Duration1 Day
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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eSearch Fundamentals

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of eSearch, such as asset browsing and ordering for both physical and digital assets.

During this training you are introduced to the system architecture, components, data model organizational structure, graphical user interface, and available tools for eSearch. You are also guided through the techniques to find cataloged assets, including generation of reports, ordering, and borrowing assets.

This course is based on the eSearch Web Application Interface

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Overview of eSearch system architecture and components and how they interact
    • The data model organizational structure for physical assets management
    • The Web user interface and the different components and functionalities
    • The different methods to find cataloged assets, including reporting and exporting capabilities
    • Ordering and borrowing processes.
  • Audience

    Professionals that participate in Physical Asset Management, including data managers, and petro-technical staff

  • Prerequisites

    There are no special prerequisites for this course.

  • Prerequisites

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