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Discipline Information Management
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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ProSource Enterprise Fundamentals

This course teaches you the fundamental concepts and workflows required to support the corporate data store needs of the Petroleum industry using the functionalities of the ProSource suite.

This course covers the functionalities and procedures needed to run data loading, validation, quality control, and export workflows in the ProSource Enterprise module. The course includes an overview of the basic concepts of the ProSource Seabed data model as it applies to ProSource Enterprise.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • ProSource Enterprise architecture and application interface to access data
    • Visual Integration of different data types using tabular or graphical viewers
    • Access and browse the Seabed data model
    • Load standard (LAS/UKOOA) and non-standard (ASCII) format data using a variety of loaders
    • Quality control, validate and standardize data during data loading workflows
    • Export data from the Seabed data model to standard (LAS/UKOOA) and custom (ASCII, Microsoft® Excel®) formats
    • Perform data transfers between ProSource Enterprise and GeoFrame/OpenWorks®
    • Use the utilities available to process well deviation surveys, perform cartographic conversions and upload documents to the database.
  • Audience

    This course is intended for petro-technical data administrators, data loaders, data managers and geoscientists involved with corporate data management who require understanding about the functionalities and workflows supported by ProSource Enterprise.

  • Prerequisites

    ProSource Framework Fundamentals course or working experience of ProSource software.

  • Prerequisites

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