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Discipline Information Management
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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InnerLogix DQM Intermediate

The InnerLogix DQM Intermediate course provides a practical approach to the implementation of automated and manual quality control workflows using the InnerLogix software technology and following the DQM methodology.

You will learn techniques and tools to help you manage the most common data quality issues in the Petroleum upstream industry, how to control the quality of data in your operations, and how to improve your basis for analysis and decision-making. The InnerLogix suite of tools featured in this course includes: DataLogix, QCPro (QCLogix and QCSync), QCAnalyst, QC Rules Editor, ILXAdmin, and QCSummary.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Use and value of quality data for trusted analyses and decisions in the industry
    • Use of DataLogix toolset to manually analyze, assess, and correct E&P data
    • Use of QCLogix and QCSync (QCPro toolset) to automate the assessment, correction, and synchronization of E&P data
    • Creation of rule sets for data quality assessment and correction using QCRulesEditor
    • Use of ILXAdmin to perform administration tasks, create QCProjects, data links, and run jobs
    • Analysis of data quality results and defects using QCAnalyst
    • Web-based reports of quality scores using QCSummary
  • Audience

    Corporate managers, data management professionals, DBA, IT professionals, and domain experts: Geo-Technicians, Geoscientists, Reservoir Engineers, etc.

  • Prerequisites

    Understanding of the E&P petroleum industry and its information management challenges, recognition of the Data Quality Management (DQM) function and its potential impacts for the Petroleum Industry, and understanding of the importance of specialized DQM tools to support data quality control workflow processes in Petroleum E&P data

  • Prerequisites

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