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Discipline Production Engineering ,
Surface Facilities
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Course Progression Map - Production Operations

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Course Progression Map - Production Operations

Avocet Administration I

The Avocet Administration I course provides a basic understanding of Avocet* architectural components, with emphasis on data integration for both low and high frequency data. 

This course explains the administration tasks required to setup and run Avocet software. It covers installation and data loading. Additionally, you will learn about Avocet configuration, language support, units, and security.

The course also shows you how to deploy Avocet and Avocet Mobile Data Capture app. The exercises walk you through the most common operational scenarios for an Avocet project.

On request, this course can be tailored to meet your requirements, including the use of your own field data and the Avocet software version you use.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Understand the architectural components
    • Introduction to Avocet Web Service
    • Configuration of Avocet Mobile Capture app
    • Install Avocet – both the low and high frequency elements
    • Work with the major configuration files
    • Set up language support, units and security
    • Run maintenance processes
    • Review Avocet’s data modelling
    • Load data and create reports
    • Learn how to integrate an extension
  • Audience

    People responsible to install, deploy, and configure Avocet and its extensions.

  • Prerequisites

    Prior knowledge of Avocet would be useful, but is not required.

  • Prerequisites

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