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Discipline Geology ,
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Techlog Borehole Image Processing and Interpretation

4.5 Average client rating (based on 55 attendee reviews)

In this course, you discover advanced processing and interpretation capabilities for all kind of wellbore images logs and the use of various interpretation workflows for analysis and utilization of these data using Wellbore Imaging, WBI Modules of Techlog Platform. You gain a full range of skills necessary to process, interpret and use borehole image data for structrual, sedimentary and specific petrophyscal analysis towards integrated reservoir.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Load and Process Image logs and core photos
    • Interpret dips and facies
    • Dip interpretation plots
    • Structural and Sedimentary Analysis
    • Fractures and Faults counting
    • Sand Counting from Images and core photos
  • Audience

    • Development and exploration geologists
    • Petrophysicists involved in wellbore image data processing and interpretation who have prior experience using Techlog software
  • Prerequisites

    Techlog Fundamentals

  • Prerequisites

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