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Discipline Geomechanics
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Techlog Geomechanics

The Techlog Geomechanics course covers the fundamental theory of geomechanics for pore pressure, 1D mechanical earth model (MEM) construction, wellbore stability & completion geomechanics applications using Techlog* wellbore software platform on real examples.

The course presents pore pressure prediction concepts using the effective stress method (Eaton, Bowers, Traugott). The steps to build a MEM, which is comprised of computing dynamic & static elastic properties, rock strength properties and the orientation & magnitudes of the horizontal stresses, are introduced.  The theory of wellbore stability theory is discussed in detail which covers the concepts of rock failure, thermal stresses, depth of damage and failure image prediction. Using multiple exercise, participants build a calibrated mechanical earth model with Techlog, construct a mud weight window, and identify drilling hazards.  Completion Geomechanics introduces a workflow which provides input for sand management decisions (optimized drawdown pressure, perforation orientation & size etc). The fracture stability module provides a workflow which allows critical stress analysis of fractures and faults considering the effect of depletion & injection.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Pore Pressure Prediction and Overburden stress
    • Mechanical Earth Model
      • Elastic properties
      • Rock strength and
      • horizontal stresses 
    • Wellbore stability
    • Completion Geomechanics
      • Sand management
      • Fracture stability analysis 
  • Audience

    • Geomechanics engineers
    • Operations Geologist 
    • Drilling Engineers 
    • Geophysists
    • Petrophysists and
    • Anyone working in fields related to Geomechanics
  • Prerequisites

    • Basic Techlog knowledge
    • Some Basic Geomechanics domain knowledge 
  • Prerequisites

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