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Discipline Production Engineering ,
Unconventional Resources
Duration4 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Shale Plays Production - Exploiting Production Sweet Spots

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Due to increasing global demand for clean hydrocarbons, the E&P companies are in search of unconventional resources. One of the unconventional resources is shale gas and liquids. They have very specific characteristics, such as complex mineralogy, lateral and vertical heterogeneity as well as anisotropy. These characteris-tics require detailed characterization and exploitation technologies.

This course provides participants with focused instruction on the engineering aspects of shale hydrocarbons exploitation. Participants will be exposed to the methods and workflows for characterizing, and developing shale hydrocarbons resources including well architecture & placement, completions, hydraulic fracturing and producing. They will gain a foundational understanding of the complete asset life cycle: exploring, appraising, developing and producing. They will also review field examples as the basis for discussion and in-class exercises on economic viability of assets.

Key Learning Elements

  • A foundational understanding of the exploitation of shale gas and liquids reservoirs, in preparation for further learning or practice in their domain of expertise.
  • Skills necessary to evaluate well performance in shale gas and liquids fields, forecast field production and recovery, and assess optimum well architecture, placement and designs
  • A working knowledge of the techniques used to estimate reserves of unconventional reservoirs as well as industry-accepted practices for reserves definition.
  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Introduction, Well Architecture and Placement – In day one, the course will cover the basic shale gas and liquids geological, geophysical, and geomechanical considerations. These will include the definition of “Unconventional Reservoirs” and how they differ from “Conventional Reservoirs.” The course will provide methodologies and workflows on well architecture, construction, and placement along with drilling techniques. Also, introduce available workflows and software through field examples.

    Day 2

    Completions – In day two, the course will introduce the integration process and best practices in designing completions. Topics such as well integrity, casing requirements, cemented or uncemented liners, fracture staging tools and technology, perforating, and artificial lift are presented. It will introduce software applications through field examples.

    Day 3

    Fracturing and Fracture Evaluation – In day three, the course will introduce stimulation operations and evaluate completion efficiency. Transverse versus longitudinal fractures, fracture spacing, fracture complexity, job sizing, fluid chemistry and proppant design, risk minimization, and microseismic monitoring is presented. Introduce software applications through field examples.

    Day 4

    Production Philosophies – In day four, the participants will be exposed to production and field redevelopment strategies to maintain production. Introduce tools and workflows for production monitoring and control. Assess possible flow assurance issues. Finally, present software capabilities through field examples. The day will end with an Exercise – Gas Shale and Liquids Exploitation.

  • Audience

    This course is designed to expose the multi-disciplinary asset team of operating companies comprising of engineers, geoscientists, financial decision makers, and managers to shale hydrocarbons resource.

  • Prerequisites

    4 Years Geoscience/Engineering Degree

  • Prerequisites

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